Comparison pf management structure between Ford Foundation and Heifer

The purpose of this paper is to compare management structure of two non-profit organizations, namely Heifer International and Ford Foundation.
1. Heifer International

11. Board of Directors
The most important strategic decisions at Heifer International are taken by the Board of Directors, which unites Covenant Agency representatives, international representatives and representatives from Heifer International Foundation. Covenant Agencies represented in the Board of Directors include National Catholic Rural Life Conference, Presbyterian Hunger Program, Church of the Brethren, Episcopal Relief and Development and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), while the regional composition features Regional Representatives from Africa, North America, Asia/South Pacific, Mid-West, Central Eastern Europe, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Central, Northwest and Southwest regions. The Board of Directors is presided upon by a Chair who is, in turn, assisted by a Vice-Chair (Heifer International, 2007).
1.2. Executive management
Executive management is carried out by a Leadership Team. Senior Leadership Team comprises President and CEO, Senior Vice-President of Programs , Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer , Senior Vice President of Institution Building, Senior Vice President of Development, Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing. Strategic team also includes Director of Internal Communications, Director of Finance, Director of Strategy and Operational Change, Director of Communications, Director of Marketing, Director of Learning Centers, Board Liaison/Assistant to the President, Vice President of Technology/CIO, Vice President of Human Resources, Vice President of Advocacy, Vice President of Organizational Development, Vice President of Education, Vice President of the Americas, Vice President of Central Eastern/Europe, Vice President of Asia/South Pacific and Vice President of Africa Day-to-day management is done at the level of Country Field Offices, U.S. Field Offices and U.S. Regional Offices (Heifer International, 2007).
1.3. Corporate Culture
As for the corporate culture and HR practices, it’s possible to infer that the organization actively embraces team philosophy. It’s also concerned with gender equality at all levels of management structure. President and CEO, Senior Vice President of Development and Senior Vice President of Institution Building are female; many women are represented in the Board of Directors and Strategic Team (Heifer International, 2007). Public opinion about the organization is good: in 2004 Heifer International received the prestigious Hilton Prize for its contribution to the cause of improving the conditions of people living in developing countries (Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, 2004).
2. Ford Foundation
2.1. Board of Trustees
Ford Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees which set policies concerning such issues as finance, investment, grant making, management, professional standards, and geographic focus. To fulfill these functions, Committees of the Board of Trustees exist, namely Audit, Executive, Investment, Management and Governance, Membership, Program, Proxy and Transactions Committees. Similarly to Heifer International, the Board of Trustees aims at being representative in geographical sense: ten board members are U.S. citizens while others come from different countries (Ford Foundation, 2007).
1.2. Executive management
Executive management is performed by Officers, namely President; Executive Vice President, Secretary, and General Counsel; Vice President fro Communications; Vice President and Chief Investment Officer; Vice President for Knowledge, Creativity and Freedom; Vice President for Asset Building and Community Development; Vice President for Peace and Social Justice; Treasurer, Comptroller, and Director of Financial Services; Deputy Vice President for Program Management; Deputy Vice President for Global Initiative on HIV/AIDS; and Assistant Secretary and Associate General Counsel (Ford Foundation, 2007). Powers and functions of the Board of Trustees, Board Committees and Officers are determined by a set of bylaws. In addition, every Board Committee has its own Charter.
1.3. Corporate Culture
Ford Foundation has also developed Staff Code of Conduct and Ethics and Trustee Code of Ethics. Ford Foundation is much more vocal than Heifer on the issues of corporate ethics as well as procedural matters.

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Comparison pf management structure between Ford Foundation and Heifer
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