Posted: June 6th, 2021

Comparison of Thee Sculptures

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Comparison of Three Sculptures Sara Aleman ART/101 David makes part of a very important character of the bible. It is the name of a small boy named David who defeated a giant named Goliath with a tiny stone. This bible story has inspired many artists among the years to make representations of David. Donatello, Michelangelo and Bernini make part of the inspired artists. These famous artists created sculptures to represent the brave David. These sculptures represent the same character but with the unique style of the artist that created them.
Donatello’s sculpture of David was created in the Early Renaissance. It is made of bronze and reaches 158 cm of height. This sculpture depicts a naked David, wearing only a hat and boots. He has an enigmatic smile on his face. David is carrying a sword and he has his foot on Goliath’s head after defeating him. This statue became controversial for being the first freestanding nude man and because it was considered to have political significance. Michelangelo’s David was created during the High Renaissance, and has many differences from Donatello’s.
First of all, Michelangelo’s statue of David is a lot bigger. It reaches 17 feet of height and is made of marble. This David is completely naked and his facial expression is cautious with a warning glare. This David does not seem victorious; instead, he seems decided and aware. Because of his facial expression and other details, this statue is thought to be David before his battle. Michelangelo’s David has body details that make the boy appear more mature and strong than Donatello’s young David.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini created his statue of David using marble as the material. This statue is a life-size representation of David during his battle with Goliath. This David is partially nude his body language is very remarkable. David is about to throw the stone that will defeat the giant, Goliath. David has a very strong facial expression and the position of his body seems agile and decided. These three statues of David have their own charm and have become very distinguished throughout the years.

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