Compare and contrast Japan and European feudal systems

These upper CLC asses had a large class of commoners to rule over. They also both had similar ethics in the warrior class Like the Code of Conduct for the Knights and the Bushier for the Samurai. These “codes” were rules and guidelines that the warriors lived by that governed them socio politically, and ethically. Finally both systems had a strong military influence thanks t o a strong warrior class that led to many warring kingdoms within the civilizations.
Also this Cree dated a strong defense system as constant attacks by enemy kingdoms threatened the lords r lull. They both built castles with curved walls to make attacks harder. These two feudalistic civilizations had differences in structure and ethics. The majority Y of difference between the two lies in the warrior class. Although they shared similar o verbal oleos In their respective systems they had many differences. One of which being there armor; knights had heavy metal armor that was sturdy but very hard to haul around d.
Samurai had leather armor with strips of iron infused into various spots of their nun form. Also Samurai led a more honorable lifestyle. Knights practiced chivalry but It paled In com parson to the Samurai way of life. Japanese warriors for starters committed suicide instead o admitting defeat or capture. Also they were above peasant people so they would not pillage villages or harm commoners. Japan held their warriors to a moral code that governed them to

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Compare and contrast Japan and European feudal systems
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