Communication Planning

Pick five (5) different types of organizations using the category choices provided below.
Choose one (1) organization for each category you’ve chosen and analyze each organization using the following five (5) characteristics:

key audience(s)
key message(s)
tactical outreach

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Communication Planning
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Use the Internet, print materials, etc. to obtain the information needed.  Do not cut and paste material from any source; responses should be in your own words.  References in APA format required.
Submit your responses in a presentational/infographic format using PowerPoint or similar application.

Example – If you picked the Happy Hobby Horse Club as your choice in the private club category, you cannot pick another organization identified as a private club.  You would analyze the Happy Hobby Horse Club using headings to separate your answers for key audience(s), key messages, tactical outreach, materials, and opinion.

1.    Nonprofit
2.    Public Sector / Government
3.    Retail
4.    Banking
5.    Real Estate
6.    Private Club
7.    Hospitality
8.    Agricultural
9.    Private K-12 School
10.  Private University
11.  Publisher
12.  Religious Organization
13.  Airline
14.  News Broadcast or Print
Key Audience(s)
Who does the organization/individual want to influence and how do they reach them?
Key Messages
What messages are they currently sending that you believe resonate most strongly with their target audiences?
Tactical Outreach
How do they get their message(s) to their audience?
What types of materials or methods are your choices currently using to convey their messages to their audiences?
In your opinion, are they effectively communicating their message to the largest possible audience or could they improve on their techniques?  Explain.


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