Posted: June 14th, 2021

Communicating Value”

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Please respond to the following:

For a product of your choosing, discuss the challenges of communicating the product’s value and ways those challenges may be addressed. Provide specific strategies and/or examples to support your responses.

Classmate post (respond only)
There are three challenges in communicating the value of a product. The first challenge is for clarity. There are two issues that marketers need to first clarify to the targeted customers, how to use the product and how the product will improve their business. At times making customers understand can be trivial because the product may not require changes in the way it may be used. (Meise. et al, 2014)
The other challenge is differentiation. Your communication should ensure that target customers understand fully how the product will be different from other competing alternatives. It is, therefore, a challenge explaining to the targeted audience how the product will improve their businesses. The last challenge is credibility. After all the resulting experience is well clear to the customers, there is one more challenge to overcome; this is doing what is needed for customers to fully believe in the promise.
Lenovo Group Ltd is one of the organizations facing communication challenges. To overcome these challenges, the following strategies are required. The first strategy is adopting a suitable organization structure that will effectively announce on any organizational change. Second, the organization should conduct research that will seek to study their customers and competitors. The company should also look for and adopt better communication models that will help mangers to effectively communicate.

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