Posted: June 5th, 2021

Common Core State Standard Journal

CCR Anchor Standards

Browse through the Common Core State Standards. (Links to an external site.) This website has information relating to the new Common Core State Standards Initiative, as well as resources to support the transition to these new standards.

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Common Core State Standard Journal
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Carefully review The College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Reading (Links to an external site.) and choose one of the ten Anchor Standards listed on the webpage for your journal—(Be sure to note that these anchor standards are a framework for the grade level standards. In other courses, you will be required to create grade level standards-aligned lesson plans. But, for the purpose of this journal, we will focus on the anchor standards.

In a two-to three-page paper, identify the anchor standard and reflect on the following:

Why did you pick this anchor standard?

How would you rephrase the anchor standard in student-friendly language? How would you explain this standard to your students?

What do you think will be challenging about this anchor standard? For both teachers and students?

How will you support students’ mastery of this anchor standard?

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