Comm/215 Persuasive

Technology Aaron Ivanovich Kevin Maevers November 16, 2010 As the world moves on, technology gets better and better. As we have all heard, technology is the future. Well if we continue down the path technology is setting for us then it might not be much of a future. Laziness is one of the huge problems that technology has brought about. Americas dependency on technology has left us crippled in a sense. When searching for a job for instance. You no longer even need to leave the house to apply for a job. Used to be you would have to go get a newspaper so you could browse through the job ads.
Then you would have to go to the company in order to receive an application. Now you don’t ever have to step out of the house. You can wake up and take two steps to a computer and do it all online. It is more “convenient” for the employer as well. “all the employer has to do is put in a specific set of skills in a software, and the software does the rest. They do not have to read the resume” (Logan, 2010. P. 1). So in the end the employer never gets to meet a lot of the people applying unless their software matches them. In the end the computer system does a lot of the man hours that that specific employee would be doing.
The employee still comes to work for the same amount of hours a day but sits around bored doing nothing most of that time. Computers cannot compute all factors of a person either though. At one time products were manufactured by people. Now almost everything you buy is done by a machine. Sure machines might be able to have a higher output but you lose the craftsmanship of a product. “ There is more value placed on the quantity of things that we can do, rather than the quality of our output” (Freyda, 2010. Para. 2). Higher output means more money. Less workers, more machines, means more money.

When did producing a good product go out the window. People are now even to lazy to build things on our own. We need a machine to do it for us at a more efficient rate. America is one of the most obese nations right now. Technology is a big part to blame for that situation. “The washing is done automatically, meals can be cooked in the microwave at the press of a button, mobile phones allow us to send instant messages, the internet lets us see family and friends in other countries, and while this all takes place the obesity crisis escalates” (Waldron, 2010. Para. 2).
There is no way that this is a coincidence. Since you do not have to leave the house anymore to do anything, people don’t. just getting out and walking to the mailbox to send out a letter is some exercise. “You can go shopping by seat of your comfy computer chair” (Logan, 2010. P. 1). Even grocery shopping has become an online task. In theory this should free more time up for people so they could go for a run a run or hit the gym. But like I said, in theory. By using these systems people have become dependant and lazier. They don’t want to leave the house for anything.
They sit around and find new ways to get out of everyday tasks that require you to go outside. You cant say that technology is the bad guy here though. In such fields as medicine for example. New breakthroughs in technology are keeping people alive. Finding new cures and safer operations. Plus, “ there’s a saying that goes “don’t work harder… work smarter”. I believe that’s what technology allows us to do and disguises itself as laziness” (GlahES, 2007. Para. 3). The ultimate goal in creating technology is to make hard, strenuous tasks into simple ones. This provides less work for people so in turn makes them look lazy.
So in the end what I am trying to say is that technology is making us lazy. It makes tasks to easy to accomplish. There is no more pride in a job well done. No overwhelming feel of accomplishment because we didn’t really even complete anything. We watched a machine do it. Staying in shape was not necessarily a chore either. Going to work and doing your job was exercise. You were moving around all day, not just standing there. You should not hate technology though. It is not the whole problem. People are the problem really, we need to realize not to rely on technology for everything.
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