Posted: June 20th, 2021

Climate change

This documentary tells us about how climate changes exist nowadays. How Global Warming keeps on bursting as years goes by. How these pandemic greatly affect our lives. How these worldwide pandemic can be very deadly. It helps us to be open minded of the things happening around us. On what would be its greatest effect for the future generations and what could we do for our Mother Earth. Global warming and climate change has been the most pandemic kind Of problem in today’s generation as technology rises.
NO one r anybody could tell how these pandemic can be stopped. But we humans, can make a difference and control these pandemic for the future generations. We have the power to control these if we only have enough knowledge about these pandemic. Since most of us have not been informed with the rapid increase of water and temperature and as the climate is not behaving accordingly to its normal form, most of us are seemingly doing the things to be done in an easy way as we live everyday. We take everything for granted. We do not mind the pandemic that may kill us anytime.
We even ignore the rises of other people who want that all of us should unite and make a difference for this world. Many specialists are really bothered of the rapid increase of the behavior of the pandemic. We do need to be really informed by these things, we should be responsible to be open minded and take action to it. Each one of us owns this world; we must protect it and care for it. Let us just not take everything for granted and leave these problems to the higher ones, let us take a step and do a difference even though in our own simple way. Simple things can surely make a difference for our Mother Earth.

As early as possible, we should take action in our own simple ways to ease these pandemic. It is not only for us, but also for all humankind. We should take action for the future generations, for our children and grandchildren to be. If we do not act now, then when? Do we need to wait for the true calling of Mother Earth, which is the day that we are suffering to save our lives?

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Climate change
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