Clause Worksheet Directions


Underline the adverb clause, labeling the subject and the verb of each clause.

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Clause Worksheet Directions
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Circle the subordinating conjunction in each sentence.
Identify the question that is being answered by the clause.
Draw an arrow to the word that each clause modifies.


I will not go to the movies with you unless you buy me a soda, popcorn, and candy.
Eric will find the almanacs where the other reference books are shelved.
Erin goes swimming whenever she gets the chance.
After you have beaten the eggs, slowly add the dry ingredients to make Mrs. Franken a batch of cookies.
The washer will stop if the door is opened.
Residents of the quiet suburban neighborhood have been urged by the mayor to conserve water until the shortage ends.
His pictures came out badly because the film was torn slightly.
We had a good time at the picnic even though we were attacked by an angry swarm of bumblebees.
No one may enter the studio while the red light Is on.
A tire blew out as the Jet taxied to the runway.
We arrived at the bus station as our bus was beginning to pull away onto the highway.
The movie, Spenserian and Superman: Best Friends Reunited, had already started when Mr. Font arrived.
Because we had to get up at 4:30 in the morning, we went to bed before American Idol was over.
Whenever It was possible, the guide planted trees.
Will you move the couch when you have time?
Because the music in the stadium was so loud, Katie got a piercing headache that made her nauseous.
No one came to the party since Dave forgot to mail the invitations.
Did you see my sister at the mall when you were in Williamsburg?
My ride came before I had finished breakfast.


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