This week we are looking at our personal experiences and evaluating them based on our readings. We will discuss our thoughts on specific topics that influence children. When we reflect on our own lives and discover where values and rules that shaped our overall being came from, it will give us better insight into understanding how we introduce those values within our current (future) family.  Remember to start each peer reply with the name of the person to whom you are replying to. To achieve the highest grades, always compare the rubric to your postings!
While you need to address two of the four questions this week, your reply does not have to be balanced in detail. If one question is more important to you than the other, please expand in the one area that gives you the most interest.

After reflection, please share what ways you have experienced/ witnessed, within a family,  that promoted positive and healthy relationships. Contrast the extra parenting challenges we may find in an extended family that we wouldn’t find in a traditional family.
Managing stress in a family today is important. Explain some of the reasons families experience stress and what are positive ways to reduce that stress?
Are there any areas where you think parenting today, in general, is lacking? For example, nutrition, sleep, media availability, etc. Please explain why?
Explain how parents best deal with problem behaviors with their children? How does punishment fit into this?

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