Causes of Unemployment

Causes of Unemployment The current unemployment rate is 7. 4 percent it has continuously rising, the unemployment rate has increased 0. 1 percent over the past year. Unemployment is the level of joblessness among people actively looking for work in the economic system. This seems to be a constant problem in Canada. There are always people struggling for an occupation. Unemployment has many factors leading to this cause. A common cause of unemployment is many of the unemployed have gotten fired or laid off. The company may have been sold or it might be that some positions are no longer needed.
It’s hard to find work right after being laid off or being fired. In general it depends on the economy if it’s down then it will difficult to find work and vice versa. Another factor of unemployment is there are too many people but not enough jobs. Furthermore, unemployment is the outcome because of overpopulation is “defined as a condition where a countrys human population exceeds the carrying capacity of its environment “(dictionary. Reference . com). In this case the population is more than the amount of available jobs.
Lastly, those who are inborn disabled or deficiencies stay partly employed or are fully unemployed throughout their life. Illness ‘caused by industrial conditions or fatal accidents that often in the workplace. Due to the accidents it has caused them to be disabled. Some who are born with disability for example like Down syndrome or dyslexia. Disabled people are not physically or mentally capable to be in the workforce leading them to be unemployed. Therefore , the causes of unemployment are due to being aid off or fired , overpopulation or disabilities .

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Causes of Unemployment
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