Posted: June 19th, 2021

Catcher in the Rye Song

The song “Talk”, by Coldplay is about feeling confused about life, especially about the future, and needing to talk with someone about it in order to get all the worries and concerns and fears out in the open, and hopefully try to figure out a solution to them. It is like a conversation between two people, one the person needing help, and the other the advisor. In states, “tell me how you feel.. well I feel like they’re talking in a language I don’t speak. ” This song relates to Holden because its about the loneliness and depression of Holden.
The tone of this song is loneliness and isolation. The mood it puts me in is lonely, heartbroken and depressed. The symbol for this song about Holden is the red hat because when he puts it on, he feels safe and makes him feel happier. This song is saying if you talk to someone about what your going through then you will feel better and get through things easier. I think the red hat symbols this song because when Holden puts in on he feels protected and in the song it saying to talk to someone and have a friend there to make you feel protected and cares for you.
In the song, it states, When Holden is trying to tell people “You’ll tell anyone who will listen but you feel ignored nothing’s really making any sense at all,” is like when Holden is always trying to tell people about himself or about what he thinks about, but no one seems to care and Holden feels like he’s being ignored. For example, when he talks about the ducks in central park, the taxi driver refuses to talk to him about it, calling him stupid. The title it’s self says a lot about Holden already.

The title of this song is “Talk”, which is something Holden doesn’t do much and such do more of. He likes to keep things to himself and when he does talk, people ignore him and think he is weird. Holden doesn’t like to talk to other people about what he’s going through because he feels like they wont care so he doesn’t talk about anything and I feel like Holden should talk to people about what he’s going through so he could have feel like he’s cared for and to get advice and have a someone to guide him to the right direction.
When the song says, “they’re talking a language I don’t speak” its about how Holden feels so disconnected from everyone else. He felt like everyone was a fake throughout the novel and that he couldn’t relate to anyone. The music is very slow and mellow and makes me feel empty inside and when they sing, they say the lyrics very slowly and calm. The chorus is about all the possibilities that life holds, and all the things that we can achieve.
In the song is says, “you could climb a ladder up to the sun, or write a song nobody had sung, or do something that’s never been done. ” This song is also talking about his deceased brother, saying how he is “scared about the future” because he has been in and out of schools so many times it will definitely affect him. This song is about the sadness felt at not having his brother around to give him advice during a difficult time in his life. It’s really sad and emotional and the guitar riffs emphasize the anguish and strong emotion.
I can relate to this song. It’s clearly about trying desperately to talk to someone about something but they can never speak of what’s on their mind because they can never get through to anyone, so they keep their feelings to themselves. The main theme of this song is no matter what we do in life, we never do it alone. I think this song is about losing someone you really care about and finding a way to ‘talk’ but can’t get through to them through spirit. It seems to be a song about not relating to the rest of the world, and wondering what the future holds.

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