Case Study On ShutterCorp Photography Using SIGNAVIO

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 Your task is to model, analyze, re-design and automate a booking-to-cash process for the ShutterCorp photography company (Scenario contained within this document). A narrative description of the “as is” process is given below. You must take this description as the basis to analyze the process, identify improvement alternatives and to design a to- be process. If you find that the description below is not detailed enough, you can make your own assumptions. But any assumptions must be reasonable and documented. 
> The first step is to understand the “as is” process model. To this end, you are asked to design a detailed BPMN process model reflecting the current state of the process. 
> Next, you should identify wastes in the process as well as major issues. The latter should be assessed and documented in an issue register. The “issue register” should include the following columns: Issue Priority Number, Issue Name, Short Description, Data/Assumptions, Quantitative Impact and Qualitative Impact 
> Based on the identified issues, you should then design a “to-be” process model in BPMN and explain what changes you are proposing and how would these changes address the identified issues, and/or how they would contribute to achieving the company’s strategic goals 
> In addition to proposing a “to-be” process model, your team must build a mock-up application using a business process management system (e.g. Signavio Workflow Accelerator) 
***** Your document should be a word or pdf document containing the following sections
 1. A title page including the full names of all team members 
2. An executive summary
 3. The “as-is” process model 
4. Waste analysis 
 5. Issue register
 6. A description of changes your team suggests making to the “as is” process. For each proposed change, you should explain why you suggest that change, and which issue(s) it would help to solve, or how would the change help to address the company’s goals 
7. The “to-be” process model
 8. A cost analysis of the difference between the two models, including any assumptions you have made to do this.
 9. You should also share your “as-is” and “to-be” Signavio BPMN diagrams with your instructor 
10. Additionally, in week 12, each will demonstrate to their instructor the mock-up application developed using a business process management system (e.g. Signavio Workflow Accelerator) 

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