Case Study: Amber

Since Amber is an employee of the company, it is right that as the owner or manager must listen to her complaint thou there should be no judgments about the information that was provided.
The information should be confidential and the time that Amber talk to the manager the complain should  be properly noted (including the time, day and venue).
Policies and procedures relative to racial discrimination

No discrimination or harassment
It is important in the company to ensure that all staff and employees should be able to work in an environment free from discrimination.  An employee working in a discriminating environment cannot fully and efficiently function as he should be, therefore the company does not support discrimination of any form and kind towards our employee. As well, such discrimination or harassment is against the law.
1.      Recruitment – There should be equal opportunity to every person no matter what is the color of his skin, race or ethnic origin
2.      Pay (including bonuses and premium shift) –  All employees are entitled to get the proper salary and compensation that they should get based from their performance, skill and qualifications.
3.      Holidays – All employees have the right to enjoy holidays.
4.      Dismissal – the race, color of the skin and ethnic origin of the employee should not be a ground for dismissal of the employee.
Amber should be encourage to think it over.  She should be asked if she kept a diary or log of events  of who said what, when, circumstances and any witnesses. This will give a vital record of the nature of racism. If none asked her, if she could take some more time and keep track of those people who she finds offending. She can also be advised to go to proper office to file her complains.
If in case that Amber had gone to the manager, the manager should make the necessary investigation regarding Ambers complain and if found true.  The guilty party should be sanctioned according to the rules and policy that the company have against discrimination of an employee. Read more about Tanglewood Case

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Case Study: Amber
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