Posted: April 18th, 2021

case study, all instruction attached

Please answer the following question(s) fully. Please feel free to use outside sources (properly cited using MLA or APA guidelines). Your assignment submission should be 1 to 2 pages in length.
See your text page 397 “Real-world hotel challenges 11.1” Answer the questions fully and in-depth

“Ya see, J.D., your hotel has no “wow’ factor,” said Robert Cooley. “That’s why you aren’t packin’ them in like at my restaurant.”
Janna Dimms, the hotel GM, and David Bander, the hotel’s F&B director, were having lunch with Robert Cooley, the manager of a successful Italian restaurant located near the hotel.
David had met Robert at a local Chamber of Commerce meeting, invited him to lunch at Seville’s, the hotel’s main dining room, and asked the GM to join them because David knew Cooley’s restaurant is one of J.D.’s favorites.
“If this were my place,” continued Robert, “I’d put in an Italian menu, because that’s popular with everyone. You could call it Gardino’s or something Italian. Create some specialty items that are really good. Then advertise it all over the city. That’s how you get business.
Also, I’d close at breakfast. There’s too little volume because everybody wants fast food in the morning. Drive-ups are too popular … ya know? Let me tell you, I know from experience, focus on what you do best and eliminate the rest. That’s my motto, and it saves on labor costs!”
J.D. listened politely. “Interesting ideas, Robert,” said J.D. “I’ll discuss them with David after lunch.”

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case study, all instruction attached
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If you were J.D., how would you react to Robert’s ideas?
What are some things that the average restaurateur may not understand about hotel food service?
If you were J.D., and David resigned, would you hire Robert as a replacement? Why or why not?

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