Posted: June 18th, 2021

Camping and Outdoor Activities

People always look forward for the weekends as it is the best time to practice their hobbies. People get bored by doing the same routine at work everyday and might also feel uninspired when they are all the time busy with work. Moreover, when doing something new you get inspired and feel much better. Doing an outdoor activity is a great way to sooth your mind, get inspired and be relaxed. For example, sailing is a fun way to spend your weekends, you can relax on a fancy yacht with your family or have a party with friends.
You can go fishing on a small boat or have a dive in the aquamarine sea. Or you might be interested in hiking, which is what we are going to talk about in this report. Hiking is a superb thing to do in a country with a lot of mountains and with a blazing hot weather like Oman. It can be an enjoyable activity to do with friends and at the same time can help you stay fit and flexible. It awakens all your senses and helps you enjoy the moment which what you need after a long day of working. You can learn about new cultures when hiking, find new people to chat with and find the right place to entertain yourself and your family. Hiking can be life changing.
To begin with, the aim of this study is to show that hiking helps tourism in Oman. Hiking attracts people from all around the world, it is an interesting activity for both adults and young children whose ages are between 12 to 15. Oman is a country full of mountains and has this steaming hot weather, it is a great place for hiking. In Oman Jebal Shams is one of the places people tend to go to hike, it has this unique gorgeous view which attracts everyone. Furthermore, Western Hajar mountains have these wadis that are worth your time such as, wadi al Nakhur (Ghul) which is one of the deepest canyon in the middle east. Some people consider it as the world’s second deepest canyon after the Grand canyon in Arizona.

There are many sides and regions in which hiking is beneficial and special than other out/indoor activities. It helps in improving your health and keeps you fit as a result of walking/climbing long distances. You burn calories without any effort, with just having fun. Although, it might seem tough to walk/climb those long distances it is surprisingly amusing. You get see how beautiful nature is and if you stay for longer you will get to see the sunset which is absolutely gorgeous.
Working for long hours everyday may cause you to get stressed and have a lot of negative energy. Hiking help you get rid of all your negative energy by turning them to positive ones. This will help sooth your mind and relax. It gives good vibes and makes you inspired, plus fresh air is good for you. Moreover, it is a good way to get off your shell and leave your comfort zone. You can over come your fear of heights, trauma and others. But remember, safety is first.
Hiking affects tourism in Oman in many ways. Most tourists come to Oman to experience the enjoyment of hiking in the mountains. The weather in this country is suitable for activities such as hiking, it has a neutral to mild atmosphere in winter and a steaming hot weather in summer season which is totally great when hiking if you take your sunglasses. An increase in number of tourists means that this country is making much more money and increasing its economy.
Whenever the country gets a lot of visitors it needs to develop more activities to be done or more places that could be the new site for hiking. Tourist come to hike in Oman but there should also be some other activities like sailing, camping, etc, to attract more visitors. Developing other activities like camping can increase the popularity of this country and may also let people do some thing other than using phones and the internet.
Although, it may not be easy to develop activities it is worth it and it will return to the country with a lot of benefits. Activities such as cleaning the environment can be useful especially for kids. They will learn how cleaning is good and how it helps their country. The kids will leave the place they were in clean and other activities can use that place. Additionally, in mountains zip lines can be built which is an interesting activity for both adults and children.
However, there are a lot of issues against hiking. If you do not use the right safety equipment you might fall from the hill you are climbing, you also might run out of water supply and that’s why you need to get extra. It also might be blazing hot on summer which can affect you badly, it can cause you to feel dizzy or get a sun stroke. You must wear sunglasses and if it is too hot it may be better to postpone it to another day.
In addition, hiking needs a lot of skills to be developed and that can take serious amount of time which is a drawback and a real issue of hiking. There are competitions in hiking such as the Jebal Shams challenge which is basically climbing the mountain to reach the summit and the hike back down safely. The total distance needed to be climbed is 20Km (considering hiking up and down), you will be given a prize of 10,000 US Dollar (3,500 Omani Riyals).
This can be interesting but can also be life threatening as the ropes might not be secured safely or you are not actually ready for this sort of competition physically or even mentally. Most of the times when hiking you cannot find a mosque to pray in, all mosques are far away from hiking places. Government should consider building more mosques near hiking places so it would not be time consuming for Muslim tourists to walk long distances just to pray or even worse, to pray out in the hot weather. There also should be buses that take tourists to hiking locations, and most importantly toilets. There is a huge issue because of toilets, they are not hygienic nor smelling good at all and more toilets should be added so there would not be a crowd standing in front of it.
Furthermore, wadis can be so dangerous sometimes as the speed of water can be so fast which can drown anyone in no time. According to Wikivoyage ‘wadis can become raging torrents in a moment without warning. If the skies are overcast or cloudy, even if not in your immediate vicinity, it is always best to stay out’.
There are also a lot of dangerous scorpions that can cause serious harm if you do not take care. As stated by the website owlaction ‘the deathstalker scorpion’s range covers a wide sweep of territory in the Sahara, Arabian Desert it has a dangerous sounding name, and no wonder, because it is definitely one of the most dangerous scorpions in the world. Its venom is highly toxic, and if stung, the victim will likely never forget the excruciating pain it delivers the symptoms of a deathstalker sting include an increased heartbeat, high blood pressure, and even convulsions and coma.
It may even cause death to small children or unhealthy adults’. Local people can get annoyed by continuous visits from tourists near their houses. Some tourists might play loud music and wear short dresses/shorts which is not acceptable by most people living in mountains or desserts. And according to Diane Spicer toe problems can ruin your hiking trip including swelling, hot spots, blisters, nasty nails, calluses, odors and more. The toe pain can not be ignored by a dedicated hiker with ambitious mileage plans, especially sprained ankles.
To sum up, hiking is great activity for both adults and children. It does not require a lot of money to be spent which is great considering that a lot of people can not afford pay lots of money for a single activity. It only needs you to be careful and wear the right type of shoes, a hat, get extra supply off water, use a hiking backpack and not wear jean, do not forget your sunglasses though. It is enjoyable and healthy as it keeps you fit and help in removing negative energy from your body.
It can show you how to have fun with a limited amount of money and how beautiful nature is. I recommend going to Western Jebal al Hajar and having a BBQ party near the wadis with family and watching the sunset which is breathtaking. You can also go to Nizwa where Jebel al Akhdar is located which is a popular destination that is known for hiking, you can hike through the villages and locals are very nice they might give you a free pomegranate juice which is refreshing exchanged by just a smile for you.
Jebel al Akhdar offers incredible views of the valley and smaller mountains in al Hajar mountain range. Wadi shab in Oman is one of the popular and easily accessible hiking trails that you can join. It is located in the sharqiyah region, it offers a rocky hiking trail going through or between the mountains and finally it leads to this marvelous waterfall, you can enter a cave and dip into numerous pools of the turquoise water to beat the heat.
You can also go to Al Wakan Village which is a hidden paradise in Al Batinah region in Oman it is 2000 metres above the sea level, making it a unique spot to hike in. This mountain village offers you a variety of unforgettable views from colourful gardens to old buildings and many others. Al Wakan Village is an agricultural village and you will get to see vast plantations of pomegranate, apricots, and grapes on the hike but you are not allowed to pluck any fruit as it is owned by the local frames, you should ask them if you want to try some type of fruit before plucking it.
Moreover, I also recommend going to the Riyam-Muttrah hike it is fascinating place. Though it is a very short hike, just in the centre of the city Muscat it is entertaining. It will be perfect for kids too. You can shop in the nearest souq which means an old market, climbing further will reveal the beautiful view of the Arabian ocean, you would not like to miss it.
You may also be interested in joining the Jebal Shams challenge which is absolutely amazing as you can be the winner of this huge amount of money or perhaps take your loved ones to relax in one of the fanciest resorts on top of the mountain. You might be wondering what services are offered, you can rent an apartment for cheap or rent a whole house from one of the local people.
There are a lot of traditional food restaurants that you can try after hiking, you can participate in some activities like racing, cleaning the environment or swimming. You can also visit souqs which sell Omani made things like bags, mats, hats, dresses and pure honey. There hospitals that can take care of anyone if injured and you can get first aid kit from the nearest supermarket. You can hire a local driver to get you to the hiking destination or you can rent a car.
I do not recommend hiking in oman in the peak of summer which is between April to June as it gets extremely hot which is unbearable. Hiking between the months of July and September is the best time, it is still humid but hiking is surely possible. Do not forget to get some juices as you might get thirsty quickly.

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Camping and Outdoor Activities
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