Posted: June 3rd, 2021

Business Writing Assignment

Amazon willing to give $10,000 plus three months’ pay to any current employee who wants to resign to start a package delivery business to work with Amazon! How do the numbers work on this project for Amazon? What is the potential return in terms of savings on delivery costs and speed of delivery? It sounds fascinating and a totally novel idea for a paper topic.
How does this offer affects the “sunk cost” of the company? This will outline how it is helping decrease or increase this type of cost which in turn could help with profits. This also includes how this offer would help provide more decisions for the future. 
I would also like to talk about if the initial investment of $10,000 would be considered overhead and if it will eventually reduce their predetermined overhead rate in the future. The benefits could turn out to be a huge profit for Amazon and that potential is what I want to explain. 
Lastly, what affects this offer has on both managerial and financial accounting. Both types of accounting have different impacts internally and externally which can have positive or negative impacts on the company. 

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Business Writing Assignment
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