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The FACE of the Future For security reasons and to help prevent the spread of the COVID 19 virus, our school is planning to install facial recognition sensors at the entrance of every building on campus. The sensors will also record a student’s temperature. To gain access to buildings and other places on campus, students will be scanned as they enter the building and their temperatures will be checked. If students have legitimate reasons for being in these buildings, the system will grant them access. If a student does not have an acceptable reason for being in the building, they will be denied entry. If they have an elevated temperature, they will likewise be denied access to the building. If an individual who has not been scanned and registered by the system tries to enter a building, access will be denied. The sensors and monitors will determine who is allowed in the building. Do you think this new security system is a good idea or not? If you think this system IS a good idea, what reasons/examples can you come up with to convince others who might have serious doubts about this technology? If you think this system IS NOT a good idea, what specific reasons do you have for your doubts? Take a position on this issue. Write a MEMO to the President of this school and explain why using facial recognition software is a good idea, or why it is NOT the best way to secure our campus. FORMAT CHANGE ALERT!!! Based on previous writings, it seems many of you are over-using BULLET POINTS. This has led to a lack of development. For this reason, I am asking for a change in writing style for this assignment. You can use headings as you have done in the past; however, in the sections that follow each heading, please use fully developed paragraphs to discuss your ideas. DO NOT use bullets points – UNLESS they are fully developed ideas. Using paragraphs should help you write more complete, detailed, and developed ideas. (This is my hope.) As always, you can write as much or as little as you desire. Just be certain your ideas are fully explained! Note: use business format: single spaced, double space between sections, headings, bold, effective white space. Do not indent any of the paragraphs, as business format uses block paragraphs.

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