Business Process

Q1. Chapter 8 – (Business Process) Discuss some key terms in business.  Please define what a business process is and note the tools of documentation within business processes and why they are important to understand.

Q2. Chapter 8- study questions 1-10, Exercise 1, 2, & 3 (Information Systems for Business and Beyond)

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Business Process
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Q3. Description: Please select a topic from the below list and create a one-page essay answering the question noted below.    Chapter 8: Information Technology and Organizational Learning
There were two(2) case studies presented in Chapter 8: 
1. Siemens Ag
Choose either case study and summarize the case study and describe the details of how technological and organizational learning was implemented in the organization.
** Please note you have minimal space and time to complete the assignment, do NOT write an introduction, but rather just answer the selected question noted above. This is a test of both knowledge and your ability to be succinct in messaging**


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