Business Principles

1. What is the role of Human Resources Management in the business world? What services does it provide? How does building relationships with others and developing human relations skills play a part in today’s organizations?  What consequences can occur if you have a poor HR team?  
2. You are given a budget of $1,000,000 to start your own business. What type of business would you start? Please state which form of business ownership would you use? State the reason(s) why. Provide the background information and an estimated budget for your business.
3. Recently you found out that your company has been accused of selling something with salmonella on it.  You have always maintained the highest standards of cleaning, but you realize that anything is possible.  In 1-2 paragraphs, write out your plan to investigate this situation. Then in 1-3 paragraphs, write how you would instruct your marketing team on how to handle it on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and an announcement on the website).  
4. Go online and pick a company. Write a summary of the information found on the company website including company products, management, culture (mission, values), employee benefits, etc. Then download this company’s latest annual report and find income statement, balance sheet and other financial statements. Comment on the financial ratios for this company. Consider if you would want to purchase stock with them based on their financial ratios.

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Business Principles
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