Business parlance

In business parlance, management involves four distinct functions: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. These functions are directly affected by the level of technology and innovation within a company, which, in turn, shape how an organization chooses to deal with internal and external factors. This document utilizes Microsoft Corporation, the largest software development organization (Barton, Shenkir and Walker, 2002), as a case in point. Technology. Planning has been considered one of the most important concerns of business managers.
Technology affects this particular function of management through Microsoft having to take into consideration the current technology being espoused by rivals in the industry, in order so that the company may come up with their own versions and therefore keep their market share intact. Such management planning tools which technology plays an important part of are relational database software, spreadsheet software and executive databases (Alkhafaji, 2003); products which Microsoft themselves manufacture and use.
The organizing function is affected by technology through better business systems, in which Microsoft should incorporate within the confines of their organization in order to achieve systematization of business processes. With respect to technology and organizing, one cannot ask Microsoft for more. If they sell products that prove to be of use to businesses and individuals, then it follows that they have the necessary in-house technology that all their resources can afford. Some examples include project scheduling software, groupware and internet browsers.

Regarding the leading function which basically has to do with communicating with employees, technological creations such as electronic mail software, phone systems software and teleconferencing systems software enable for communication within Microsoft. Concerning the controlling function, software such as accounting systems software, metrics monitoring systems software, system activity monitoring software and CEO database and monitoring software allows for accountability within the Microsoft organization, all of which are products of technology.

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Business parlance
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