Business Innovation

Business Proposal
The aim of this assessment is to examine the extent to which you are able to strategise a business by critically evaluating information to develop a new business idea presented in the form of a business model.

Individually, you are to adopt the role of an Entrepreneur.
Use any technique to come up with a creative idea for a new business OR an innovative idea. 

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Business Innovation
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Techniques can be Anti-conventional thinking, brainstorming, parallel thinking, six hats thinking, Design thinking, or any other technique you feel comfortable with.

Use the Business Model Canvas to analyse your idea and develop the One-page Business Model (OPBM). 

You MUST demonstrate that you have analysed the elements of the BM as they relate to your idea

Print the OPBM on at least A3 in colour, OR better still, go bigger. 

All OPBMs will be placed on the wall/displayed around the room.

The OPBM Poster is to include the following: 

Considered/detailed response to each of the elements of the Business Canvas.
Any other relevant information necessary to tell/sell your idea.
Your Name and student number

Prepare a 3 minute pitch  and be ready to answer questions from the lecturer. 

The 3 minute is a short summary of the OPBM that is meant as a quick and concise introduction to the proposed creative/innovative idea to get investors/financiers attention.


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