Business and People Management Test exam

All of the following are examples of downward communication flows except managers pointing out problems that need attention employees completing attitude surveys managers telling employees to work more quickly managers informing employees of procedures managers assigning goals 2 points Question 2 are Indicators of a strong organizational culture. Widely shared values Completely horizontal organizational charts OF Weak managers Narrowly defined roles Question 3 1 .
Consequences of stress can surface as physiological behavioral psychological all of the above none of the above Question 4 symptoms. 1 . All of the following are characteristics of the organic model except employee empowerment arrow ps of control cross-functional teams cross-hierarchical teams flatness Question 5 1 . A plant manager who organizes the plant by separating engineering, accounting, manufacturing, personnel, and purchasing into departments is practicing differentiations. Reduce functional geographic graphic target customer Question 6 1 . The traditional view of conflict is the belief that conflict is neutral necessary situational-dependent natural harmful Question 7 1 . According to the Ohio State studies, the extent to which a leader’s behavior is erected toward getting the Job done is called minimization consideration path-goal initiating structure Question 8 1 . Which tactic for overcoming resistance to change basically assumes that the source of resistance lies in misinformation? Caching and advancement education and communication cooperation and manipulation training and development facilitation and support Question 9 1 . The approach to evaluation that uses feedback from those who have daily contact with an employee (everyone from mailbox personnel to customers to bosses to peers) is termed 360-degree evaluation radical incidents M BAA BARS Question 10 1. Research indicates that poor of interpersonal conflict. Communication motivation training hygiene leadership Question 11 is probably the most frequently cited source 1 .
Honesty is absolutely essential to leadership. True False Question 12 1 . Which one of the following is not one of the primary ways to group Jobs? Process personality customer function Question 13 1 . Angelina feels that her cubicle neighbor talks too loudly on the phone, but in other ways she is a great neighbor. Angelina gets annoyed every time her neighbor’s phone inns, but she has decided it’s simply not worth the trouble to talk to her neighbor. Angelica’s conflict intention is called resisting competing avoiding collaborating compromising Question 14 1 .

Legitimate power is based on positive rewards expert knowledge interpersonal trust structural position respect and admiration Question 15 1 . The step in the action research process where information is gathered about prognosis evaluation diagnosis feedback action Question 16 1 . The text implies that the type of leader likely to have the most profound effect on his or her followers is the reenactments educational transformational transactional actuarial Question 17 leader. 1 .
Transformational leadership is built on top of transactional leadership. Question 18 1. A leader high in initiating structure would do which of the following? Assign group members to particular tasks seek consensus empower employees to make their own decisions exhibit laissez-fairer type of leadership Question 19 1 . All of the following are factors that serve to sustain organizational cultures except colonization top management selection frugality orientation Question 20 1 .
Diversity training programs are generally intended to provide a vehicle for socializing otherwise unmanageable employees balancing work/life conflicts increasing awareness and examining stereotypes eliminating group learning Question 21 1. The unstructured interview is typically biased often only modestly related to future Job performance usually made up of random questions Question 22 1 . Who developed a three-step model for change that included unfreezing, movement, and refreezing? David McClellan John Cotter Lawrence Summers Douglas Usurer Kurt Lenin Question 23 .

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Business and People Management Test exam
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