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LP Project 1  Instructions: Use the information given below to set up and solve a LP and provide the manager with the relevant information needed to make the optimal decision about how to move forward. You should be prepared to answer a few quiz questions about the initial optimal decision and results.  You should also be prepared to change certain assumptions and then solve the problem for a new optimal decision. You will get credit for answering questions via an online quiz.  

You want to sell three additional items at your sculpture booth at the Cooper-Young Festival: wool dryer balls, wool scarfs, and wool hats. You crochet these items while watching Amazon Prime, sitting in waiting rooms, and at other idle times as a way to relax and make a little extra money which means over the summer you expect to have 296 hours. You purchased 70 skeins of wool yarn on clearance for $3.00 per skein and one 10 oz. box of roving. A wool dryer ball is a crocheted ball stuffed with wool roving. Each dryer ball uses ½ an ounce of roving which costs $0.75 and requires 1/10 of a skein of yarn for the ball itself and takes 1.5 hours to make. A scarf requires 2 skeins of yarn and takes 10 hours to make. A hat also requires 2 skeins of yarn and takes 12 hours to make. Based on last year’s demand you want to have at least 8 of each of your projects available.  You also observed that you sold twice as many scarfs as hats. You are able to sell the Dryer balls for $5.00 each, the Scarfs go for $25 each, and the Hats for $32.00 each. What should you crochet to make the most money?

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