Posted: June 20th, 2021

Budget Class

In every budget, there are provisions for labor and capital, which  translate into public services.  Often, a public safety agency will want  to make the argument that they need certain monies put into personnel  or into equipment, in order to achieve certain goals for the new fiscal  year.  Later, we will discuss how performance measures let elected  officials know that the agency is achieving an outcome, provided for  with budget resources. 
Describe at least two linkages, i.e., inputs (money provided for in  the budget) and outcomes (the goals to be accomplished) in a public  safety agency.  Give real examples from your agency (if you work for  one), or from research (news or journal articles will provide some  help).  Be sure to take a look at a public safety budget when developing  your answers.
Provide one clear statement (a concise paragraph), as if you were the  Chief, convincing elected officials that one of these outcomes is  needed, thus justifying the inputs.


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Budget Class
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