Brida by Paulo Coelho Evaluation

1. ABSENTATION: As an introduction of the lead character, Brida came to the mountain in search for the Magus. There, she asked him to be his teacher. He then approved of it and made her sit down at the top of the mountain and leave her there to test whether she can overcome her fears. 2. INTERDICTION: Upon her search for the Magus, she traveled for over 90 miles, when she came to the village and asked the people, they warned her that the Magus had already tried to seduce one of the village girls. 3. VIOLATION of INTERDICTION: Though having been warned by the village people, Brida still continued on her journey to find Magus.
She is eager to learn magic. 4. RECONNAISSANCE: She went in search for the Magus. 5. DELIVERY: Brida found out that he is a Teacher of the Tradition of the Sun, and that there are two traditions, the Tradition of the Sun and the Tradition of the Moon. When one masters a tradition, he/she shall teach the other tradition. And in order to learn, one must be completely honest. 6. TRICKERY: It is Brida’s mind playing tricks on her, it is her mind that makes her imagine things, hindering her from going into the bridge and seeing the invisible world. Her mind is preventing her from completing the Magus’ first lesson. 7.
COMPLICITY: Since Brida had courses in schools, she is having a hard time trying to let go. She limits herself to what she knew from school, that’s why she had a hard time doing her tasks. 8. VILLAINY or LACK: Brida is the protagonist and at the same time, antagonist of this story. When she went to Wicca, a Teacher of the Tradition of the Moon, what she learned in school about tarot cards was given confusion. Wicca’s ways was far different from what she was taught. When Wicca told her to spend an hour of her choosing to lay down the tarot cards and just let them show her what she needs to know at the moment, she was at irst, excited. But when she noticed that it was only her imagination working and not magic. She doesn’t know now which to trust, Wicca’s words or the lessons in school. She was torn. 9. MEDIATION: Brida, now going against all her normal habits, decides to smoke cigarette before breakfast. She has given up with her tarot card reading. She felt crying after each time she does the reading. She felt vulnerable and alone and had a sense that a great opportunity is slipping through her fingers. She thinks she had failed. 10. BEGINNING COUNTER-ACTION: Brida phoned Wicca, telling her that she can’t come to her next appointment.

She doesn’t know that Wicca already know that. Wicca used the phone call to make Brida spread the Tarot cards. The Tarot cards revealed themselves to Brida. 11. DEPARTURE: Brida came to Wicca, to go into the bridge and see the invisible world. 12. FIRST FUNCTION OF THE DONOR: Wicca made her close her eyes, imagine things, made her enter a library in which she found a book. She then found out that in her past life, she was a soldier’s wife, Loni. And those voices have been with her since she was born. 13. HERO’S REACTION: Brida then forced herself to work, to avoid thinking, to avoid her thoughts about the Magus and Wicca, of her past life.
She wanted to escape. 14. RECEIPT OF A MAGICAL AGENT: After her time travel into her past life, she now accepts that she may be or can be a witch, like what Wicca told her. She had accepted that the power is within her all along; she only had to let it out, to embrace it. Like what her past lives had done. 15. GUIDANCE: Brida’s boyfriend, Lerons, even if he really can’t believe what Brida was saying is possible; he still thinks it is true. He even compared Brida’s story with the composition of an atom, telling her that even scientists have encountered situations like such. 16.
STRUGGLE: Brida was fighting her true calling, to be a witch. She has a fear of committing herself. Though her travel to her past life showed her who she really was and knew that it comes to her naturally, it also brought upon her the fear of committing herself to such beliefs. 17. BRANDING: Brida, is now wearing, though it was invisible, one of the Four Rings of Revelation, the Witch. 18. VICTORY: Brida now is able to walk into the bridge. She has resolved the tricks her mind played on her. She have been writing down all that Wicca taught her in the book of shadows. She also had found her Soulmate, the Magus. 19.
LIQUIDATION: Magus showed her the way into the Two Traditions, the Tradition of the Sun and the Tradition of the Moon. He showed Brida how grateful he is that he found Brida and that Brida had recognized him as her Soulmate. They traveled through space and time. Brida saw meadows full of flowers, animals she had inly read in books, mysterious castles and cities that seemed to float on clouds of light. 20. RETURN: Brida didn’t know whether to feel disappointed or relieved, but they have to part. They just confessed their love for each other. It was hard to leave your soulmate once you’d found them. Brida went back to Dublin.

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Brida by Paulo Coelho Evaluation
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