Body of Speech

About it: This speech can be delivered by any anchor or host, who is member of any NGO/social organization to start a program being organized to spread awareness regarding importance of blood donation in today’s life. Body of Speech It’s an honor itself to honor this beautiful audience who gather here for the cause of humanity. We wish a very warm welcome to all of you and a heartily congratulations be a part of this social event. I assure you that this event will definitely results in positive directions and will help in saving someone’s life in future.
This program is being organized to spread the awareness for blood donation & its importance in today’s life. As we all know that blood is a base of every human life and there is no life without blood, this makes its value priceless. Blood donation is a great example of altruism in action. The most important thing about donating a blood is that it should be a voluntary donation therefore we have organized this event. Ask few question from yourself.. Have you ever visited Hospitals? Have you ever saw any major accident case? Have you ever saw any patient suffering from a major disease in which blood is required to save his/her life. If your answer is YES then think about their lives! Their lives can be saved by just donating our blood. If you look at the statistics of population of a country and the number of road accidents and other major disease in which a patient is urgently required blood, then you will realize how important donating blood is. As the demand and supply is already differs a lot, therefore this gap can be filled by an active participating in Voluntary Blood Donation programs. Can you assume the extent of happiness of victims or patients family after saving his life? It is the real feeling of heart that occurs in their wishes.
Many of us have myths about donating blood. Some People says it affect our health and makes us weak. Some people avoid it for their traditional and religious thoughts. And some people even say that it against their cast and religion. So my dear friends, we would like to clear your doubts regarding all these myths that these myths and thoughts have no meaning. The color of blood is only one that is RED; it has no religion, no cast. The donating of blood is totally safe and has no effect upon the health of one’s, though the time gap and other measure of safety and quality must be taken into effect before donating the blood.

The organization collecting the blood will ensure all these factors itself before collecting the blood. We usually see many articles on the internet, and books and even there are many awareness campaigns happens in schools and colleges, just like this event we are organizing here. We all must have to give our best to contribute and make other people aware about it. At the end we would like to say that we have a team of doctors to clear all your doubts and queries regarding it. And other useful stuffs to help saving someone’s life. Thanks and Regards. Sachin Kumar Do well, Get well, Be well.

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Body of Speech
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