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Just like a journal entry, a reflection paper on internship talks about the activities you daily involve in. Writing down the basic duties you carry out during the internship is what such a paper is all about. First of all, you need to focus more on all the experiences which stands out the most. Secondly, you should analyze such experiences and take note of its influence on you as an individual. To make your work much easier, you can order a reflection paper from the homework help websites for college students. I guarantee you that My Homework Writers are going to help you write the best outstanding reflective essay on internship.

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Writing a Reflection Paper on Internship | Homework Help websites for College Students
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What is a Reflection Paper?

A reflective paper usually presents a description of a particular experience or event. After the description, you should analyze the actual meaning of that particular experience. Also, state what others can learn from it. The fact that you are analyzing certain past experience from the present is what makes the paper reflective.

Reflective papers thus require you to open up in terms of your emotions and thoughts. This helps to paint a clear image of your own personality, history as well as personal traits. It should also include a well-detailed summary and a description of the previous experiences. This makes the reader feel that they have as well experienced it. Therefore, you need to present an explanation of your own feelings, thoughts, as well as reaction.

reflection paper on internship

Guide on Writing a Reflective Paper

Reflective papers tend to be easy to write, yet very complex at the same time. A reflective paper is simply a paper which constitutes to a serious examination of experiences in life. Without appropriate guidance, putting together a reflective paper can be very difficult. A reflective paper is similar to writing a diary. The only difference is that other people are going to read your reflective paper. Therefore, it should contain a great coherence deals as well as the right structure. In general, a reflective paper is just like any other type of paper out there.

In this guide, therefore, we focus on exploring in details, the procedure of writing a good reflective paper. Also, you get to learn what makes a perfect structure and tips of writing an outstanding reflective essay on internship. Another alternative of learning how to write a reflective paper on internship is by visiting the homework help websites for college students. We also have a number of examples to inspire you while drafting your own reflective paper on internship.

Reflective Paper Format

In a reflective paper, you only focus on examining your own experiences in life hence the word reflective. The aim of drafting reflective paper is to give a platform for the reader to recount a certain life experience. It also enables them to explore the changes and lessons from your experiences. Therefore, there are several formats you can use to present a reflective paper. However, you first need to learn to most common writing format in order to write a good reflective paper. Visit homework help websites for college students to learn the legit format you can apply in your paper.

The reflective paper format usually changes according to the target group of audience. A reflective paper can be part of an overall piece of writing or academic. However, in this case, we are dealing with the reflective paper on internship. Therefore, the format of the presentation can vary but the main purpose always remains the same. When it comes to internship, you should focus on inspiring the readers with your experiences and what you can achieve.

What to Write About

While deciding on what to include in the paper, you should keep in mind that the reflective paper strictly personal. It should not only focus on informing the readers but also engaging them. There is a lot to reflect on in a reflection paper instead of just presenting a general story. First, you should be able to reflect on the experience by explaining its influence in your behaviors. Secondly, state how your life has generally become different as a result of the experience.

As you begin, think critically about some essential life experiences that have influenced you. It can either be a negative influence or a positive influence, at times, it can be both influences. Other typical reflective paper topics can include;

  • A real-life experience
  • A particular event or project
  • An imaginative experience
  • An individual who made an influence on your life
  • Something you learned from the experience

A reflective paper can sometimes be part of an assignment.  In such circumstances, there is a high possibility that such assignment requires you to focus on a certain incident. For instance, it can be the period when you had to come up with vital decisions. Similarly, it can be a reflection on the results in relation to your decision. Keep in mind that the experience which happens after is very essential in the reflective paper. Failure to include such experience simply means you are telling a story.

reflection paper on internship

Tips on How to Write a Good Reflective Paper

Writing a reflection paper is a common task for every student whether in high school or college. Reflective paper writing is not only for the benefit of passing an exam but also for future benefits. It is, therefore, important to know the ins and outs in relation to such paper. The following are some of the tips to help you write an outstanding paper;

  • Apply the descriptive method in your work. This means you should simply describe all your ideas and clearly write your thoughts. Make sure that your reader can understand the flow of the paper.
  • Since a reflective paper is an academic task, it should have some narrative information. Try to keep it formal at all cost.
  • The reflective paper structure should be classical. Therefore, write the introduction, the body paragraphs, and finally the conclusion.
  • When writing, don’t forget to include your own life experience as you present facts and other relevant details.
  • A reflective paper is all about life experiences. However, the experiences have to be specific and relevant to the topic.

The Outline of a Reflection Paper on Internship

Creating an outline before the final writing of an essay is very helpful. An outline ensures that all the important points are included in the essay and in a logical way. Therefore, when it comes to reflection paper on internship, the outline should have three major categories. It includes the introduction, the body, and finally the conclusion.

reflection paper on internship

  • The Introduction

First, begin by giving a clear and brief description of the internship. Consider talking about your duties, the challenges you encounter, the skills acquired, projects you handled, and your expectations. All these details are very essential. This is because it enables the reader to know what you are reflecting about on the paper.

  • The Body

Secondly, present an overview of your organization by stating the work they carry out including the vision and mission. You can as well state how the duties you have helps in contributing to the general objectives of that organization. Generally, this is the part where you can talk about anything regarding your stay in the organization. This is because such information helps in constituting the internship analysis. It is also vital to relate the duties you have to your respective coursework. Similarly, the expectations should be relevant to the coursework. The reason for this is; you visualize your duties and working situation basing on the subjects you did in college.

  • The conclusion

After an analysis of the experience, you finally have to identify the important achievements you made in the internship period. Give your own perception in relation to your work. In case there is an experience which changed the way you perceive you work or anything, you should mention it. State whether you prefer working on a similar capacity or you would prefer another capacity. This is because there are countless dynamics in every working place that you can always exploit.

Reflection Paper on Legal Internship

This paper is all about the internship which deals with matters involving the law. As long as the internship relates to law, it can be in a Congress office, law firm, or court office. This means that any legal internship is capable of exposing someone to a lot of things. For instance, when working on a certain case, you can experience things which are either new or shocking. Usually, it is the interaction among individuals which brings about such experiences.

reflection paper on internship

When reflecting a legal internship paper, start by presenting a vivid description of what your suitable internship should be like. Instead, give details on what you may have encountered. After that, analyze all your experiences in an order basing on its importance. Any experience which is meaningless to you then it is definitely not worth writing down. Therefore, the best way to write a perfect reflection paper on internship is to understand what it involves. With this, you can be certain to impress the readers with the experiences which mean something to you.

Reflection Paper on Marketing Internship

At times, you may need to write a reflection paper basing on your marketing internship. In such circumstances, you should write a reflective paper which reflects on the period you spend in the in the marketing internship. In this part, you also have to focus on your own interpersonal interests and relationship. This is because it is where the excellent experiences come from. Start by giving a description of your duties as well as good stuff that you can do.

When it comes to marketing, you should only focus on communication skills. Basically, management is all about how you pass a message from one person to another.  State if you had a difficult or an easy time during communication. Also, you should inform the readers whether the internship was all you wished for or not. In general, you should always link the experiences to the expectation in the reflection paper on internship.

Reflection Paper on Internship Teaching

At times, you may encounter a number of individuals in the internship teaching. Internship teaching begins from the students, parents, the teachers, the subordinate staff to the school governing board. Interactions with such kind of people often bring about a lot of different experiences. You can thus talk about specific disciplines you are teaching and the main reason why you chose that particular subject. Inform the reader about the first experience especially in a classroom full of students. For instance, you can state whether the students were good or mean to you. Also, state if there is any connection or relation between you and the students and the type of relation. Lastly, analyze your experiences with the students and state your last opinion regarding the internship.

Reflection Paper on Business Internship

A business internship often deals with various experiences that help in running a certain business. Reflection paper on business internship is thus a vital paper. For instance, it is compulsory when it comes to day to day running of the business. Therefore, you need to talk about your abilities and duties in the working place and your contributions towards the business. Every business usually faces a lot of challenges and this is something you can write about in your reflection paper. Similarly, state the projects you may have taken part in and the experiences you acquired while handling such projects. On the other hand, you can talk about your team members whom you worked with to accomplish the project. Don’t forget to mention the experiences you acquired while working with them.

Reflection Paper on Experience

One good thing about internships is that it teaches students how to apply their coursework in a particular working environment. An internship is a first and essential step towards the beginning of a career. This is why students have a lot of expectations when it comes to internships. On top of that, this is exactly what makes the reflection paper more interesting. Therefore, you can talk about the type of experiences you encountered in comparison to the one you wished for. The truth is a reflection on your experiences creates new perceptions.

The Sample of a Reflection Paper on Internship

The Introduction

The experience I had while working as an intern at the Central Bank of Kenya was so fascinating. I was able to acquire enough experience to mold me while trying to advance in my career. The purpose of writing this paper is to present the events which occurred in the Central Bank of Kenya.  This is where I was an intern in customer care services department. This is thus a reflection which shows the experiences in the entire working period.

The 1st Body Paragraph

Being an intern at the bank helped me learn various aspects of becoming successful in the customer care position. One main thing I learned is that communication is a very important aspect leading to success. Also, it is essential for one to be able to multi-task when working since it helps in becoming more flexible. To be successful, it is compulsory to always be punctual and active in terms of time and handling the customers. In addition, the main key to success is having a professional character and attitude. This enables one to fit in the current competitive market. Similarly, one should be able to link with other individuals in different departments.

The 2nd Body Paragraph

Involving in various programs regarding internship so as to understand the significant aspects of work is very essential. In business management course, it is important for people to interact with others. This helps them to suit in a position of acquiring experience in the business field. As a result, I had the chance of securing a position as an intern in the Central Bank of Kenya. It was a program part which enabled me to bridge a gap between theoretical and practical skills. During the period as an intern, I was lucky to go through different important stages as part of my experience. It includes interacting with different people, an orientation in the bank department, and gaining knowledge in various fields. During the whole period, I had an opportunity to establish my own goals while working. First, I got the knowledge on the way the bank operates and conducts its daily practices. The second was attaining a significant knowledge in the department of customer care. The report observes a number of issues which the clients tend to overlook while getting services in the bank. It also observes the bank reputation via the comments from the customer care individuals regarding the clients. Basing on investigations, journals and other reports from the newspaper authors facilitated the report.

The 3rd Body Paragraph

To be successful in the customer care position I was given, I had to learn different strategies and bank methodologies. The key strategy is direct communication and confrontation between the clients and the department representative. This is all about face to face communication while attempting to collect various opinions with the use of the questionnaire method. Furthermore, I had the chance to see the reactions of managers from various departments whenever there was a problem. The source of learning about the problems affecting the bank is going through several records relating to the bank. Examples of these sources are books, journals, bank website, and brochures.

The Conclusion

In general, my internship experience at the Central Bank of Kenya was positive. It enabled me to open up my eyes to various situations and things I was not aware of. The course and the subjects I took make me feel ready and prepared to step into the business management position and become successful. After my graduation, I plan to pursue the same role in the Central Bank of Kenya. I am very confident that with my abilities and the new matching knowledge can make me an ideal person for such a role.

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In conclusion, the achievements, duties, challenges, expectations, and emotions are all part of the reflection paper. Therefore, when writing a reflection paper on internship, you need to talk about experiences and what you learned. Also, stating the importance of your experience is essential when writing such paper. Try to focus on how each experience changed you and how you feel about it. Not everyone knows how to write a reflection paper. So in case you are one of them, you can visit our homework help websites for college students. Here, My Homework Writers are going to help you write an outstanding reflection paper.


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