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The major purpose of a reflective paper is to outsource the reactions towards a particular movie, article, and the subject. All the responses are often portrayed in a personal way. Therefore, learning how to write a reflective paper is of great significance. This is because students are usually assigned such a paper as part of the assignment to review one’s coursework. It also injects the students with the writing experience. The reflective paper writing focus involves your reactions, feelings, and analysis of the specific subject in a personal way. Similarly, you can get homework assignment help online when it comes to writing a reflection paper on a movie. Here, you can find help and guide you need from My Homework Writers.

reflection paper on a movie

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Writing a Reflection Paper on a Movie | Homework Assignment Help Online
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What Is A Reflection Paper?

A reflection paper refers to an essay of personal thoughts about anything. It can be a book, article, movie, or an incident. It focuses on describing a particular experience, analyzing its meaning, and what other people can learn from it. A reflective paper thus requires one to open up when it comes to their emotions and thoughts. This helps paint an actual image of your personality, history, and personal traits. Also, remember to include a clear summary while describing the experience to enable the reader to feel like they have experienced it as well. Therefore, when writing a reflection paper on a movie, including a vivid explanation of feelings, thoughts, as well as reactions.

Reflection Paper Template

Writing a reflection paper on a movie reflects your experiences and own thoughts. It also involves interaction with the readers and the description of your personal life experience. As you explore your opinions, feelings, and ideas about the movie, the experience portrays how it affects your personal life. When writing a reflective paper on a movie, it is important to create a reflection paper template. This is why getting homework assignment help online by my homework is very essential. With My Homework Writers help, you not only know the template but also writing a reflection paper on a movie. Therefore, in order to create a template, make sure that it contains the following;

The Introduction:

  • Hook: its purpose is to attract the attention of the audience in a concise preview of what you are writing about.
  • The thesis statement of the reflection paper: this includes the information about the previous experience and a short statement of what the paper is all about.

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The Body:

This part should contain the following;

  • The expectations in relation to the movie
  • First impression of the audience
  • Your expectations about the movie
  • Your experiences
  • New discoveries and findings of the paper
  • Your feelings and passion towards the movie

The conclusion:

  • Wrap up your ideas as you demonstrate the development
  • The plans for the future
  • Discoveries
  • Reactions and feelings

Reflection Paper Outline

A reflection paper needs you to express freely your own thoughts about a particular movie or something in relation. So when writing a reflection paper on a movie, it is very essential to show your personal opinions. Also, do not forget to provide the necessary supporting evidence. The major aim of writing a reflection paper on a movie is to show that you clearly understand a particular movie. This is why creating a reflection paper outline is important. With an outline, you ensure that you include all the major points in your paper. On the other hand, you can find homework assignment help online by My Homework Writers. By using the outline samples from My Homework Writers, you definitely are going to come up with the perfect paper. Therefore, the following are the steps to consider when writing a reflection paper on a movie;

The first part of the reflection paper is the introduction. Identify the paper subject and provide readers with an overall overview of the impression the movie made on you. Also, don’t forget to include the thesis statement which serves as the main point of the reflection paper.

The next paragraph is the body which explains vividly about the movie, the reactions, and the feelings. It is the widest part when writing a reflection paper on a movie hence it should be interesting. An interesting reflection paper makes your reader go through it till the end. The body should thus be divided into the following;

The First Body Paragraph:

  • State the major reason for the impression you have on the subject and why you have such impressions. This is a reflection paper meaning you are free to reflect or speculate. However, there are no correct or wrong solutions to such type of paper.

The Second Body Paragraph:

Here, give the second reason for the impression you have on the subject and the reason for such impressions.

The Third Paragraph:

In this part, give the third reason for the impression you have on the paper subject and the reason for the impressions.

The final part when writing a reflection paper on a movie is the conclusion. Here, you need to recap the thesis statement and state the reasons as illustrated in the body. Summarize the reflection paper as you give you final opinions and thoughts in relation to the subject. Remember to include the closing reflection opinions.

The Steps of Writing a Reflection Paper on a Movie

writing a reflection paper on a movie
The Steps of Writing a Reflection Paper on a Movie

Writing a reflection paper on a movie is one enjoyable and simple task. Imagine writing a piece of paper that needs you to sit down, watch a movie, and the present your view. It really sounds fun and interesting. Movies are the best way of teaching individuals. This is because they provide a distinct perspective on various issues of life. Therefore, a reflection paper enables one to understand some materials while appreciating the relation within the course. So in order to write a good reflection paper, you can seek help from My Homework Writers. With us, you can get the homework assignment help online regardless of the subject. Therefore, the following are the steps by My Homework Writers to enable you to accomplish your objective. The movie “Roots” is selected in explaining the four steps.

Step No. 1

The main idea is to consider the movie review just like any piece of literature review work. During the movie watching period and consolidation of your different ideas that make up the reflection paper, you should be able to visualize and idealize the storyline and concepts presented. In other words, simply visualize the movie as other numerous works of literature that you have gone through. This will involve identification of the various themes highlighted. For example, a movie that greatly focuses on differences that lead to war presents a theme of rivalry. You will also have to derive the existing motifs displayed in the movie.

Just like other literature pieces that contain diverse characters, you will also have to consider the characters and their roles. This involves the identification of the main characters, assistant characters, and their roles in determining the plot of the movie. There is a great emphasis on the characters as they are the ones that influence your perception concerning the movie. Your perception is the backbone of which your movie reflection paper depends on. This means that you will have to carefully and systematically analyze the different characters roles from scene to scene on how they contribute to the development of themes.


In the movie “Roots”, the dominant theme is slavery. This is clearly depicted through the major character, a male African character who gets betrayed, captured, and sold to white slave buyers. He is shipped to America where he works as a slave until he meets his death. The movie highlights the historical slave trade and how the slaves undergo numerous traumas during their transportation and slavery under their white masters. In order to write a satisfactory reflection paper on the movie “Roots”, you will have to consider the “Roots” movie just like any other literary work that focuses on topics and themes of slavery. The theme of racism is inclusive of subtopics such as racial segregation, victimization, prejudice, and many more.

You will also have to focus on the diverse characters in the movie “Roots”. The main character is Kunta Kinte. The roles of the characters are also vital in the plot development of the movie. According to “Root” that directly focuses on Kunta Kinte, he displays his determination to fight for his right and seeking freedom from the white masters. This displays the struggle of slaves in breaking the chains of slavery. On the other hand, the slave masters depict the brutality and inhumanity of the white maters against the slaves. This included killing them, naked weeping of slaves and even hanging sentences.

Step No. 2

Choose a clear and good movie review focus for your movie review piece. In other words, make the review sync with your course or provided class topic. In order to understand this point, I want you to assume that you are in a history class. The teacher has assigned you to watch a movie and write down a reflection paper concerning the movie. The best way to tackle to movie review is to put first priority in the historical details presented. This is in line with the history class you are undertaking. Some of the factors you will consider include accuracy in the dates provided in the different scenes. As a history student, you may also have to place your focus on the geographical location that plays a major role in the plot formation process.


An example of a good focus on your reflection paper includes you clearly explaining how you connect with the diverse characters in the movie. You can also explain if your relationship with the characters could differ if it were book story writing. A good focus also includes narrating the effectiveness and how they influence the ploy of the movie. Breaking it down, explain which specific character is the most angered in the movie, the wisest, and even those who display mixed reactions of emotions. A great focus definitely involves you capturing specific scenes that greatly moved you. These include scene’s that had a great impact on you during the movie watching. The impact could be those that captivated you or those that were thumbs down.

In relation to the “Roots” movie, you can choose a wide variety of focal points in your reflection writing. A good example is a historical focus. This is on the basis that slavery business was greatly practiced in the historical periods of colonization. This is a historical fact that directly relates to the plot of the movie. On the other hand, Kunta Kinte is a historical figure famously known from different written stories concerning slavery.  A historical focus will require you to note down the presented dates in the movie. You will also have to directly compare them to the historical factual details concerning the slavery error.

writing a reflection paper on a movie
Writing a Reflection Paper on a Movie- Roots Illustration

Step No. 3: 

An ideal selection of specific elements to include when writing a reflection paper on a movie. When I talk about movie elements, am talking about the different movie production elements that generally play a collective role in movie plot development. Some elements to consider include the movie clearness/camera clarity, use of the right background music during different scenes, and sound effects.  Since the movie reflection paper is all about your personal perspectives concerning the movie, it is important to indicate the different movie production elements that generally stand out in the movie. It is also important to compare and contrast these elements. Do the elements achieve a harmony in the successfulness of specific scenes? This question is effective in relating the movie production elements for an exclusive reflection paper on the movie.


In relation to the movie “Roots”, you have to consider some applied movie production elements that captured your attention. This is important as a movie reflection paper is greatly dependent on one’s personal interactions and perceptions triggered by the movie. A good example is the application of Africa themed songs especially to showcase the origin of the slaves. The dress code is one of the unique elements used in the movie. Slaves are depicted wearing tattered clothes or clothes made from suck. On the other hand, the slave masters are dressed in the classic 1980’s attires. One of the common elements that capture lots of individual’s attention when watching “Roots” is the slave brutality. The common one is whipping of slaves as a punishment.

The element of accent also plays a major role in showcasing the origin of various characters. Kunta Kinte and his fellow tribesmen tend to talk English but with a dominant African accent. On the other hand, the Slave Masters have a dominant British accent. You will also have to consider the different element is they collectively make the movie “Roots” achieve harmony. In a reflection paper, one can also pinpoint some personal perspectives to consider the different element is they collectively make the movie “Roots” achieve harmony. A good example is that the “slave traders” in the movie “Roots” tend to believe that some Africans were carnivorous. This utters exaggeration or misconception.

Step No. 4: Reviewing of your Paper

As the fourth and final process, review involves going through your consolidated work. This includes a variety of process involved from grammar corrections, punctuation review, spelling, and many more. Reviewing your piece also enables you to determine if your piece has a systematic flow of ideas. It also provides one with a chance of making different alliterations on specific sections. This provides a room for perfection. As the student, you are able to cross read and ensure that you have accomplished all the required instructions and guidelines provided by the teacher.

Paper reviewing is essential whenever you want to achieve a consistent and smooth flow of logic in your paper. It provides you with a chance to go through the reflection paper as a second party. Reading the work aloud provides you with an estimation of the quality of the work before delivering it. Proper review changes include removing unnecessary sections and the addition of crucial points that might have been left out. After making the necessary corrections, you should go through the paper one more last time for perfection. This provides you with a chance of adding the required fonts and spacing. This gives the paper an attractive outline to the reader. This includes bolded and well-placed headings and subheadings, application of bulleting in listing and point making among others.

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In conclusion, writing a reflection paper on a movie is greatly based on indications of one’s personal views. When given such a task, you need to delve more into your won observations. However, you can always get homework assignment help online. Here, My Homework Writers can give you the help you need when writing a reflection paper on a movie.


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