Water and Air Pollution Plan Essay

The greater percentage of the entire earth’s surface is covered by water. Man can only access about one percent, on the higher side, of the total amount of available water for use. Even this small amount has unfortunately been polluted giving the generation of the century 21 a great challenge associated with cleansing water cycles. Nature provides a water recycling process that does not need the input of man. Air is another nature’s free gift available in abundance.

Human activities have resulted to its pollution leading to diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems serious air pollution has brought about global warming as a matter of global concern (Cronon, 1983). Water Pollution Solution Plan Drinking water can be protected from pollution. Most of the pollutions to drinking water are caused by plumbing problems which poses serious threats to tap water. Degraded pipes and components of the systems responsible for distribution of water, need to be replaced. The treatment facilities need to be improved. The sources of water also need protection.

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Water and Air Pollution Plan Essay
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Rules and regulations governing water protection needs to be enforced (Canter & Knox, 1985). Beach water also needs adequate protection. Human wastes as well as animal wastes should be controlled. Roofs of houses’ and driveways’ runoffs generate polluted water which can be directed to domestic gardens and recreational lawns to minimize their entry into the beach water (Cronon, 1983). The use of inorganic fertilizers is another cause of water pollution whose solution can be achieved through replacement with the use of natural organic fertilizers for agriculture in the gardens.

Household toxics should also be disposed off properly and septic systems adequately maintained. The wastes from boats and oil from cars should also be properly disposed. Industrial wastes disposal also needs upgrading to curb pollution of water (Noyes, 1993). Natural methods of cleansing water exist which are cost effective, less energy requiring and more environmental friendly marshes/Wetlands, have vegetations that are responsible for stagnating water which naturally undergoes sedimentation with the result of settling solid particles. The Marshes also harbor a rich source of microbes which break down the substances in water.

This is a natural way of treating affluent water, which can benefit humans and animals (Canter & Knox, 1985). Air Pollution Solution Plan Air pollutants which cause harm to man, plants and other animals include ozone, particulate matter, lead, radioactive substances, mercury, vinychrolide, among others. The transportation and the industrial sectors are the major contributors of air pollution. Transportation means that poses fewer risks to air including use of bicycles and walking should be advocated. Motor vehicle manufacturers should manufacture engines that have fewer effects on pollution and vehicles with exhaust controls.

Volatile compounds and elements should be treated properly (Colls, 2002). Laws and regulations on air pollution should be upheld. Nations and government are entitled to set standards, of pollution and emissions for the industrial sector and a requirement to meet the comfortable standards of air quality Emissions of pollutant should be regulated from incinerators, power plants, among other sources (Colls, 2002). The pollution stands should be stricter and penalties should be imposed on non- compliant to the high standards of air quality maintenance.

Industrial pollution should also be addressed through imposition of laws and regulations on emission standards and regulations on emission standards and maintenance of high standards of air quality. Compliance with rules and regulations governing reduction of pollution needs to be rewarded as a motivation towards the adoption of maintenance of high standards of air quality (Cronon, 1983). The understanding of the trends of climatic change coupled with adoption of the right mechanism to control the changes is a healthy approach towards controlling pollution of atmospheric air (Cronon, 1983).

The long-term solution to the pollution of air is only attainable where fossil fuels have been replaced with alternative sources of energy that do not emit air pollutants. Such sources include stream powered or electricity bowered engines. Nuclear energy may also be considered as another alternative (Cronon, 1983). In Chicago most problems of water pollution are caused by poor plumbing and draining affluent and polluted water to beaches whose solutions relate to addressing these issues. Most of air pollution problems mainly result from the means of transport.

Laws for clean air, cities free of air pollution and funding areas known to posses unhealthy air is the course taken to address the pollution issues. As regards transportation in Chicago use of cleaner vehicles, bicycles and walking have been seen to alienate air pollution problems. In New Orleans air pollution is caused by agricultural activities, industrial emissions and changing climatic factors. Water pollution is exhibited in form of uncontrollable floods caused by climatic changes. The solution plan in New Orleans should thus be more advanced as compared to the case in Chicago due to the complexity of causative factors.

The governments of the world therefore are responsible to address all issues related with water and air pollution to save the current and concurrent generations from the risks posed by the pollutions in the air and water (Noyes, 1993). Conclusion Lead particles, carbon dioxide, Sulfur dioxide, smog, dust storms, greenhouse effect hydrofluorocarbons, chlorofluorocarbons and naturally occurring hurricanes have been prevalent. They cause air and water pollution and disruptions of sewerage systems.

Water is polluted when effluent water of sewers flows into water sources such as dams, oceans and rivers which result to harmful diseases such as cancer, river problems kidney, cardio vascular problems Cholera, dysentery, asthma Pneumonia, among others. The diseases have adverse effects of economic and financial lives of people since their treatment are accompanied by costs. People have also been displaced from their residences and majority killed by water floods. To liberate the human being from these adverse effects of water and air pollution, all the achievable solutions need to be given some positive address.

The entire community is therefore at a challenge to meet all efforts associated with maintenance of high quality standards of water and air. Human beings, animals and plants need high quality air and water to sustain life.


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