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Leadership and management exist in almost every angle. For example, a coffee shop, schools, workplace, restaurants, and even at our homes. Therefore, your teacher can assign you such an assignment of writing a reflective essay on leadership and management. So the first and the most important thing to do is to choose a topic you intend to write on. For instance, you can describe yourself in a leadership position at a certain capacity or write about someone else. Similarly, another good way to approach such an essay on leadership and management is by creating an analysis. As a student, you can as well get help from the online essay writing service by My Homework Writers. Simply ask for a ‘professional writing services near me’ to get assistance with your work.

reflective essay on leadership and management

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The Perfect Reflective Essay on Leadership and Management | Top Essay Writing
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Reflective Essay on Leadership and Management Outline

The outline of a reflective essay requires you to vividly describe your ideas, feeling, and opinions regarding a particular experience. Therefore, drafting a reflective essay on leadership and management enables you to present your own point of view. Also, structure your essay and perspectives in a way that you read, see or hear. According to the online essay writing service, reflective essay on leadership and management should have;


The introduction is the first part when it comes to writing a reflective essay on leadership and management. Therefore, consider giving your readers a brief summary of what you intend to discuss in the essay. It should also start with a hook in order to attract the attention of the readers. Don’t forget to give the background information on the particular leader you are going to talk about in the essay. Finally, end the introduction part by giving your own thesis statement.

The Body

In this part, you can present all your experiences in leadership and management in details. Start by informing the reader about all your initial expectations. Secondly, give a description of the first experience. Try building up other similar experiences you may have encountered throughout your leadership career. Lastly, end the essay by discussing other new perspectives which you might have earned from a certain experience.

reflective essay on leadership and management

The Conclusion

The conclusion sums up all the ideas and points as discussed in the essay. State all the significant feelings you may have generated as a result of a particular experience. In case you make any new discoveries, then you can concisely state them. As you finalize your conclusion, remember to highlight the plans you may be having in relation to leadership and management.

Leadership and Management Reflection

There are a number of things to talk about when writing a reflective essay on leadership and management. First and foremost, you can choose to discuss a certain leader you know of. Focus on reflecting their leadership and management skills.

There are a countless number of remarkable leaders in the world. Some of them have already left us while others are still alive. Each of these leaders has experience of either negative or positive impacts when it comes to leadership and management. So this is exactly what you need to reflect on when talking about them. You can either decide to focus more on leadership creativity or leadership and educational skills among others. Therefore, you need to a specific theme running throughout your entire reflective essay on leadership and management. For instance, you can decide to focus on giving a discussion on how to instill the leadership and management skills among the children.

The Principles of the Management Skills in a Reflective Essay

Begin by identifying all the management skills principles. After you identify, find any relevant experience that can relate to such management skills. There are various essential skills when it comes to management. It can be conceptual skills, technical skills, diagnostic skills, human skills, time management skills, design skills, decision-making, and communication skills.

Technical Skills

This refers to the ability of a particular leader to learn the necessary procedures to perform some certain tasks. In order for a leader to do so, he/she should have knowledge of the procedures, methods, and processes. Individuals such as accountants, engineers, computer specialists, and even employees in all departments should have technical skills. It should be according to their area of specialization. This is because technical skills are very important in all management levels. For instance, operational level employees should be able to operate machines. Also, the supervisors should be able to show them how to accomplish a certain task with the use of machines.

Human Skills

Human skills refer to the ability of a leader to work diligently and successfully with other people. It is the ability to communicate, lead, and motivate others to accomplish the set objectives. There, human skills play a vital role in creating a conducive environment. Such an environment should make people comfortable and to feel free to give their opinions. Another importance of these skills is that it helps the employees when interacting with peers, supervisors, and other people. In general, human skills are very significant in all levels of leadership and management.

Design skills

This relates to the ability whereby a leader is capable of coming up with solutions to solve a certain issue. Leaders should not only identify the issue but also come up with various measures to overcome the issue. However, in case they can only identify the problem, then this proves their ineffectiveness in leadership and management. So to become an effective leader, you must be able to create a feasible and rational alternative to a problem. Consider basing on both the external and internal factors.

Conceptual Skills

This is the leader’s ability to understand and coordinate well the ways of managing any new changes that may arise. The conceptual skills are very important when it comes to management. This is because managers should be able to understand various ways in which the organization can relate well with others. They should also be able to associate their organization with the outside environments.

Diagnostic Skills

This involves one’s ability to envision the right response of a particular challenge regarding management. This means that the managers should be able to visualize the right and appropriate feedback to a certain management issue.

Communication Skills

This translates to the ability of a leader to receive and effectively convey information or messages to the subordinate staff.  

Time Management Skills

Effective leaders and managers should have skills in time management. Time management skills relate to the ability of a manager to efficiently work, prioritize work, and to appropriately delegate.

Decision-Making Skills

Decision-making skills refer to the ability of the manager to accurately identify and define problems as well as opportunities. They should be able to come up with the right decisions while prioritizing the issues of time sensitivity accordingly.

Therefore, writing a successful reflective essay on leadership and management requires a lot of information. However, with all these skills, you can be certain that your essay can turn out to be the best and success. To learn more about management skills, simply find professional writing services near me.

Importance of Principles in Management Skills

The duties of a manager in an organization are extremely important. Most of the people are aware that there are a lot of things that both the employees and managers do. This is because of their duty of being accountable for the progress of the organization. With a number of duties that managers often have, they may not be able to manage the organization accordingly. However, with management skills, they c`n easily run the organization and make it a success. Therefore, the following are the importance of
|anagement skills in an organization;
reflective essay on leadership and management

Solving Problems

Having the right set of skills empowers leaders to face, identify, and overcome any problem that arises in the organization. First, it needs outstanding and effective attention. The top leaders should be able to identify any emerging issue before other team members learn about it. They should also spot the root cause of the emerging problem. This is where analytical skills apply and are essential in management. Therefore, you should understand the information which is relevant to the organization, ways of gathering it, and the outcome.  The problem-solving skills of a leader should include the following;

  • Identifying the key factors causing problems
  • Being resourceful whenever there is a problem
  • The ability to efficiently and quickly troubleshoot
  • The ability to spot any potential problems before arising
  • Interpreting serious industrial information


Leaders who can motivate others are the actual asset of the organization. This does not only increase employee satisfaction and the rate of productivity but also sets an excellent example. Therefore, the manager should identify the strengths and weaknesses of employees and urge them to develop their set skills. The important skills in employee motivation include;

  • Giving support to employees with stress
  • Empowering the employees to undertake ownership of various projects
  • Giving incentives and rewards to employees with good performance
  • Appreciating the achievement of each and every employee
  • Developing a well motivated and energetic working environment


One common and essential responsibility of every manager is to effectively communicate well with the employees working under them. Employees are also part of the organization hence the manager must involve and communicate to them frequently. The communication skills include;

  • The ability to negotiate well and solve any dispute among the employees
  • Creating brief and clear materials for the purpose training
  • Leading effective and efficient meetings which are sensitive and productive when it comes to time constraints
  • Maintaining open communication lines with other employees


A good manager should be able to rank themselves in a high standard. This sets a good example to the employees and what they need to strive for. Professionalism, honesty, and integrity are significant skills for any top manager. Therefore, the qualities in relation to professionalism include;reflective essay on leadership and management

  • Exhibiting initiative
  • Giving the necessary customer services in a professional way and attitude
  • Showing strong and effective moral values
  • Taking part in professional and development seminars
  • Instilling diplomatic alternative and solutions to the organizational issues

Reflective Essay on Nursing Delegation

Delegation is a key term in management which refers to the actualization of the objectives and goals of an organization. Regardless of the field, the delegation has been very helpful to a number of managers and leaders. It helps them in achieving their set targets and organizational objectives. This is also a similar case when it comes to nursing as a profession. The capability of delegating various responsibilities is a key attribute to every supervisor.

One major problem that most of the new nurses encounter is delegation. Therefore, you can be asked to write a reflective essay on nursing delegation. In such circumstances, you need to understand each and every detail in relation to the delegation.  You can thus consider talking about various ways in which delegation can apply to new nurses. Highlight any experience involving nurse delegation. After that, continue explaining how such delegation affects the effectiveness of the patient or the hospital. Similarly, you can explore about any interpersonal relationship that exists between the members during delegation.

A sample of a Reflective Essay on Leadership and Management


I am glad to reflect the concepts of leadership and management in an organization. This is not because it is a new idea but very essential to each and every leader. The concepts of most of the leaders can be relatively simple. However, they are not simply the use of common senses. If that was the case, then we could have seen them practicing more often. So in my own experience, I have learned that good leadership needs an intended reflection on the main concepts. According to my own view, these are the most essential concepts.

reflective essay on leadership and management

First Body Paragraph

Effective leadership and management often start with self-awareness.  This means that you have to work extra hard in order to intimately know more about yourself. For example, ideal ways your values correspond with your character and identifying all your weaknesses and strengths. Also, you should create a culture of self-respect and respecting other team members. A few days ago, one of the employees told me that despite the facts that I already possess strong senses in my value even before being a part of the organization, working pushes me more to practice professionalism at a high level. The culture of our organization does not only teach about leadership. Instead, it expects the staff to modify how and what leadership is on a daily basis. Every individual is responsible for an effective program, a series of successful courses, and skill equipping events. However, the most rewarding and interpersonal aspect of working is taking part in internal cultures corresponding with the external information.

Second Body Paragraph

As a leader or a manager, you also need to consider the meaning of integrity and why it is important. Most of the people describe and define integrity in a number of ways. However, there is one key idea that is very important. This idea states that the integrity of an individual is a matter of the core value of one’s word.  This is what integrity according to my own view means and nothing less or nothing less. Therefore, whenever you keep your word in all the tasks, either small or big, people are eventually going to trust. They can even trust you with more difficult responsibilities. Both trust and responsibility results to credibility. This, in the end, creates the conditions perfect which leads individuals to accomplish the main objective and goals. In general, this is how an organization and the role of the leader or a manager within can expand. So you need to take into consideration to develop a common habit of always keeping your word. Not only should you keep it to yourself but also to other people. After that, you can be able to figure out various ways of fixing any problem.

Third Body Paragraph

Lastly, as a leader or manager, you need to pay more attention to taking of yourself. Caring for your fellow team members begin by caring for yourself. You should know your limits as well as what you are capable of achieving within a certain period of time. Find out the tasks that only you can achieve. Similarly, delegate any other task in a manner that engages your fellow team and also encourages them towards development.


As I conclude, leaders play a very important role in achieving the goals of the organization. They also aid in the development of the team members. This is shown by reflecting through integrity, having individual self-awareness, and taking care of oneself. So any leader who adheres to all these concepts is certain to make his/her organization a success.

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reflective essay on leadership and management

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reflective essay on leadership and management

Reflective Essay on Leadership and Management Conclusion

In conclusion, leadership and management is something we practice daily in our day to day activities. This is why even in schools, teachers are teaching their students on leadership and management. One common tasks students are often assigned is writing a reflective essay on leadership and management. Although it sounds simple, it requires a lot of writing skills and time. This is why seeking online essay writing service by My Homework Writers is a good option. Similarly, you can just search for the ‘professional writing services near me’ to get help. So do not hesitate to approach us today!


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