Reflective Essay on Nursing Leadership

A reflective essay on nursing leadership the writer, consider his/her experience in the nursing field. The writer examines those experiences during the profession or practice of care giving to the sick and unstable people in the society. The main focus of this essay is on my authorization to others and my personal development. In leadership, you must ensure that everyone under you must follow the instruction you give out and the instructions should give motivation and an inspiring vision for the future.

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Reflective Essay on Nursing Leadership
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Nursing Essay on Leadership Skills

Powerful leadership skills are needed by all nurses and especially to those at the top positions of management. A good leader in the nursing profession is one who is involved in the direct patient care and who continuously improves the care that is given to this people by influencing the treatment delivered. On my reflective essay on nursing leadership, I believe through experience that, you should raise concerns on unfolding and current issue, openly and propose solutions without biasness. You should also be social with the people around you so that they can approach you easier when faced with the difficult situation.

reflective essay on nursing leadership

Characteristics of an Effective Nurse Leader

The following are the characteristic of an effective nurse leader:

  • Communication skills, a good nurse leader should be able to communicate openly, easy to approach, and listens to every concern
  • A nurse leader should reliable and consistent
  • Caring, kind, and respectful to others
  • Motivating, should empower others to perform at their best, and assist them to excel in their profession.
  • Should lead by example
  • Fairness, he/she should treat employees equally, non-judgmental and remain neutral when resolving conflicts.

Nursing Leadership Paper Topics

The following are some of the nursing leadership paper topics:

  1. Transactional and transformational leadership
  2. Knowledge, attitudes, and skills of an effective nurse leader
  3. Challenges and opportunities in nursing leadership
  4. Empowering nursing to participate in the decision-making process
  5. Education for leadership, this is the main topic in a reflective essay on nursing leadership
  6. Critical skills needed to become a good nursing leader
  7. Leader style in nursing
  8. Factors which contribute to nursing leadership

Management and Leadership Theories in Nursing 

Decision making, problem-solving, and critical thinking is the main factors in management and leadership theories in nursing. Therefore, I considered in these principles on this reflective essay on nursing leadership. All effective leaders not only in nursing should apply these three principles to ensure effective leadership.

reflective essay on nursing leadership

Vicarious learning to increase problem-solving and decision-making skills this involves learning leadership through observing or hearing. Problem-solving skills in nursing can be achieved through observing our leaders and people who are more experienced in life than us. Decision making is also learned through interaction with new life experiences and the ability to critically examine management and leadership issues.

The Ideals Model, it involves identifying the problem, define the context, enumerate choices, analyse options, give reasons explicitly, and self-correction. When you apply the following steps, it will help you in making the appropriate decision in nursing because it facilitates critical analysis.

Lewis’s Model of planned change, this is a model which is comprised of three stages: the unfreezing, movement, and refreezing. Unfreezing stage involves applying force to overcome resistance in against the proposed change. Movement involves the act of moving to the desired changes which require a persuasive leader. finally, the refreezing stage involves establishing stability in the organisation . This is after adopting the changes and enjoying the benefits.

Nursing Leadership Scenarios

Nursing leadership scenarios constantly occur in all nursing organisations. On my reflective essay on nursing leadership, in my experience the following scenarios of leadership; keen caregiving and prioritisation, problem-solving, interdisciplinary communication, patient care advocacy and care of family, proper handling of personal and public resources, electronic literacy, and proper keeping of medical records.

Critical Skills Needed to Become a Good Nursing Leader

Taking a leadership role does not qualify for quality and effective leadership. Reflective essay on nursing leadership encompasses instances of critical thinking. It is advisable for the leaders be very wise and applying the most appropriate method for quality leadership. For any good nurse leader, he/she must use the right skills in implementing change and proper communication. Thus they need critical skills to predict any effect of implementing change within an organisation.

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In conclusion, this reflective essay on nursing leadership consists of the proper experiences and models which when applied by nurses will enhance good leadership now and in the future. Good decision making, problem-solving, and critical thinking make an effective nurse leader. Click here to place your order.


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