Reflection Paper on Race and Ethnicity Clarified

For decades now, developing and underdeveloped countries hold race and ethnicity profiling as a hindrance to promoting equality. It has resulted to enmity and stigmatization between different tribes but in one particular country. Therefore, writers have switched their attention away from an argumentative essay to a reflection paper on race and ethnicity. Click here to order a reflection paper.

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Reflection Paper on Race and Ethnicity Clarified
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Definition of Race and Ethnicity

Race refers to a group of people sharing specific inherited physical characteristics such as skin color or facial features. For years, people saw themselves as equal. However, as time passed people began to treat others as socially insignificant, due to their skin color, or other physical features.

reflection paper on race and ethnicity

Ethnicity, on the other hand, is the shared social, historical, and cultural experiences of a group that makes it different from another one. The most distinct characteristic that distinguishes various groups is the ancestry background, language, religion, and forms of dress. It is crucial to understand these definitions before you start writing the reflection paper on race and ethnicity.

Essay on Ethnicity

When asked to write an essay on ethnicity, there are a couple of aspects to consider. It could be a reflection paper on race and ethnicity or an argumentative essay. Race and ethnicity continue to be a controversial subject in our world. It has resulted in incidents of racial profiling, ethnic wars, racism, and social inequality in some countries. Therefore, understanding this vital element will help you tread on the matter lightly. It does not mean you offer primary arguments. It merely suggests that an individual should have proof for each claim they make.

An ethnicity article requires thorough research. For that, ensure that you have proper justifications for all the arguments and counter-arguments you make. Focus on explaining factual information and not giving opinions. Another factor to consider when writing your essay is that this type of composition should have many details. Don’t mention. Explain into particulars why your point is as so.

Essay on Race and Identity

The most prevalent issue that comes to mind after hearing race and identity is the ongoing issue of blacks and whites. Well, this is a sensitive topic. Most people do not like being referred to as either white or black. Therefore, in your reflection paper on race and ethnicity, be careful not to pick sides. Be as neutral as you can. Also, refer to people by their names or citizenship, and not by their skin color.

reflection paper on race and ethnicity

This particular essay of race and identity should have an enticing introduction, fact-rich paragraphs in the body, and a definite conclusion. One aspect to consider in this type of essay is to use verified sources for your research. Such a subject requires massive justifications. Therefore, cite your sources and do not base your claims on your opinions.

Race and Ethnicity Essay Introduction

An opening is among the most central sections of an essay. When writing your reflection paper on race and ethnicity, ensure it has an eye-grabbing introduction. A magnificent debut should comprise a hook sentence and a thesis statement.  For your hook, you could begin by giving background information on people’s perceptions on race and ethnicity, back in the ninetieth century.

If not, you could provide an illustrative anecdote or ask a challenging question. Let your introduction consist of five to six sentences in a precise paragraph. Also, avoid complicated terms that may complicate a reader’s understanding of the intended message.

Race and Ethnicity Conclusion

Your race and ethnicity conclusion should sum up the central points of the essay. Take a look at how you have approached your paragraphs and each theme. Analyze how well you have brought out the intended idea on race and ethnicity. After that, come up with a definite ending sentence, using all the material you have in your body. A reasonable conclusion on race and ethnicity should trigger behavior change, policy adoption, and change, or a new aspect of how to look at things.

Race and Ethnicity Research Paper

A research paper is known to be among the most challenging concepts that students face. However, this article will approach it in an uncomplicated manner. When asked to research on race and ethnicity, begin by conducting research. Answer questions such as; what is a race? What is ethnicity? How are race and ethnicity perceived in this century? How different are these perceptions with that of the older generation? All these queries are guides to help you master this concept.

Your thesis statement should be distinct. Avoid primary arguments in your research paper. However, do not fix a case if it is impractical. Make a research paper outline and draft your central points on race and ethnicity. Write the paper using clear statements and in simple language. Always remember to review your work after writing. It helps to identify and correct spelling and grammar errors.

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Issues of race and ethnicity dominate multiple disciplines such as multicultural education and the socio-political field.  Due to this, there is a reflection paper on race and ethnicity written daily. This article has thoroughly analyzed the concept to simplify your writing. Click here to place your order.


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