Reflection Essay on Religion

Religion involves believing in and worshiping of superhuman controlling power, especially God.  In our childhood, our families usually stress the need to belong to in a certain religion. These results in believing in things based on hearsay. Reflection essay on religion unravels the sacred engagement with that which is believed to be a sacred obligation. There are different religions, but they were all aimed at guiding people through life and mostly on individual reflection and understanding of life. Click here to order a reflective essay.

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Reflection Essay on Religion
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World Religion Essay

In the world, religion is viewed as a means of strengthening our ties with God. Our relationship with God is depicted in religion through the art of praying. The son of God taught as to pray which is done by all different religions in the world though in different ways.  I wrote this world religion essay due to my curiosity in my thirst for knowledge. All over the world religion is a belief but with doubt which does not qualify it to be a belief. But you can agree with me that human being with or without religion is dynamic from birth to demise and what changes is time.

Our ancestors believed in religion because by then there were no advances in technology and scientific knowledge to explain many phenomena of nature like storms, floods, heat and cold, whereby they believed it was an act of God. Religion goes hand in hand with culture, economics, politics, and social dimensions. Culture and religion impact people dress, attitudes, tradition, child rearing, how we pray, when, how often, and what we wear when we pray. The influence of religion has made me write a reflection essay on religion.

Conclusion on Religion Essay

In conclusion, after reading and observing all major religions of the world here is my conclusion on religion essay. All religions are different in the concept of worshiping, fasting, tradition, and festivals. I found one outstanding thing that all religions they believe in one God and accepts God existence. In Judaism, for instance, worship is only for God and is everlasting with no concept of birth or death. These are the same in Islam. In Christianity is one God but in three different divine substances of the Trinity.

All religions teach on our role as human beings, for welfare, help, support, and services without discrimination. Religion teaches as to prevent from acts of sin. I found this concept interesting that I included it in my reflection essay on religion. The other interesting thing I found while researching for this reflection essay on religion is that offering prayers regularly will give peace of mind.

reflection essay on religion

World Religion Essay Topics

The following are the world religion essay topics:

  • Islam essay topic, this is one of the world top religions which study and thought. These will help to understand Islam and its development. I consider Islam as the strong religion in my essay on religion.
  • Buddhism essay topic, this topic is essential in explaining the religion of Buddhism.
  • Philosophy of religion essay topic,
  • Christianity essay topic, Christianity is a complex belief system with a long and complicated history. Studying the topic will help learners to understand Christianity and its history.
  • Religion discrimination essay topic, this topic catalyzed my curiosity to write about reflection essay on religion. I was trying to find the reason as to why people who believe in God discriminate against each other on religion basis.
  • Judaism essay topic, one of the world’s major religions, which encourages critical thinking.

Spiritual Reflection Definition

There are several ways of explaining spiritual reflection definition as understood by different religion in my reflection essay on religion. A spiritual reflection is short saying that carries a complex meaning based on religion.

These reflections are for people to take some time to reflect on different areas of life and look at them from a Christian and real-life viewpoint. It involves reflection based around a theme and contains a reading, discussion question or activities. A spiritual reflection can also be a personal reflection on one’s spiritual journey, whereby you find a calm place which will help you prepare for your spiritual journey.

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In conclusion, a reflection essay on religion helps one to understand well their religion and that of others. It also helps in the understanding of the origin of these religions and their beliefs. Writing the reflection essay on religion has helped me to understand my religion better and the influence of religion in the world. Although people are active in a different religion, they still doubt some beliefs. Click here to place your order.


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