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The authorship of an old document is in doubt. A historian hypothesizes that the author was a journalist named Jacalyn Levine. Upon a thorough investigation of Levine’s known works, it is observed that one unusual feature of her writing was that she consistently began 6% of her sentences with the word whereas. To test the historian’s hypothesis, it is decided to count the number of sentences in the disputed document that begin with whereas.

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Probability Assignment | Professional Writing Services
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Out of the three hundred sentences, 10 do. Let π denote the probability that any one sentence written by the unknown author of the document begins with whereas. For testing H0 : π = 0.06 against Ha : π 6= 0.06.

(a) Find the standard error, and interpret.

(b) Find the test statistic, and interpret.

(c) Find the P−value, and interpret in context.


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