Obesity Epidemic Assignment | Homework For You

Write your assignment as a business essay (use headings) with an introduction, body including sections related to the parts of the question, and conclusion. Use in-text references when you include information from sources. Add a reference list (one textbook and at least four scholarly references) after the conclusion. Use APA referencing style. Remember to include an electronic Cover Sheet.  Ensure you write academically using precise vocabulary, spelling and grammar. Homework For You
The word count  is measured from the introduction heading to the end of the conclusion section. A suggested word count for each section of your business essay is given. Additional words will be needed for the Introduction, Conclusion, and in-text references.
Externalities (see Chapter 11 of textbook)
Choose ONE of the following topics:
1. “The obesity epidemic is not a policy issue.”

2. “My garden is better than yours. You should thank me.”

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Obesity Epidemic Assignment | Homework For You
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3. “I am not wearing my bicycle helmet. It gives me hat hair.”
Discuss your topic using externality theory. Use a correctly labelled supply and demand diagram in your answer. (500-600 words) Suggest a solution to remove this externality using either a ‘tax’ or a ‘subsidy’. Explain your answer fully.  Get Economics homework help today


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