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COM 309 Intercultural Communication
Assignment: Movie Analysis of Cultural Portrayals
For this assignment, you will explore cultural portrayals in the popular media. Much of our initial
exposure to other cultures comes through the media. We form ideas, opinions, beliefs, etc. about other
cultures based on media portrayals. professional writing services near meYou will focus on one particular movie that is either set in
another culture, focuses on a particular cultural group different than your own, or involves
cultural conflict or negotiation as a primary theme. Some possibilities are listed below — you are
probably aware of others that you may choose from as well. If you would like to choose a movie that
is not listed below. please check with me – it is most likely OK, but I’d like you to run it by me.
Watch the movie from the approach of a culture learner. First, write a ½-1 page summary of the movie
and the plot. Then assess the following areas of the movie – you should write a well-developed
paragraph for each of the question areas below, yielding a well-developed analysis paper. Your
assignment should be about 4-5 pages, typed, double-spaced.
** First, write a ½-1 page summary of the movie and plot.
1) What role does culture shock play in the movie (if any)? Who experiences culture shock?
How is it handled?
2) What key turning points did you observe in the movie?
3) What value clashes/conflicts did you see in the movie? Assess how they were handled.
4) What can you learn about the culture portrayed in the movie—values, norms, etc.?
Think about the traditions and behaviors you observed in the movie. Give specific
5) What orientation systems, cultural dimensions, and/or theories, can you apply to the
culture(s) portrayed based on what you observed in the movie? (for example, think about
dimensions like individualism, collectivism, power distance, masculinity, Kluckhohn &
Strodtbeck’s Value Dimensions chart, etc.)
6) List some specific communication differences between the cultures that you noticed in the
movie. How did these communication differences affect relationships and situations in
the movie?
7) Optional: Include any thoughts you have about how the cultures were portrayed…
concerns about the accuracy of cultural portrayals, etc.
Movie Suggestions Not an exhaustive list! Some movies contain adult themes, violence, etc.
(If you have other movie ideas, please feel free to ask me about it)
The Color Purple The Last Emperor
The City of Joy Mulan
Anna and the King Fiddler on the Roof
The Last of the Mohicans Life is Beautiful
Snow Falling on Cedars Higher Learning
Dances With Wolves Brokedown Palace
Remember the Titans Amistad
Green Card Not Without My Daughter
Knotting Hill Schindler’s List
Crash Hotel Rwanda
The Milagro Beanfield War Witness
Pleasantville (depicts how cultural change Slum Dog Millionaire
affects community) The Blind Side

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