Homeless and Community Service Assignment/Buy Homework Help

This paper needs three parts

First part: A page about your service site (Homeless Garden) This part includes two small parts

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Homeless and Community Service Assignment/Buy Homework Help
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1st part: (11 lines)

  • what is it?
  • When does it start?
  • Describe the function of the site
  • What is their goal?

2nd part: (11 lines)

Describe what do you want to achieve at this site? Or what is your goal (achievement)?

Each part needs exactly 11 lines, the total will be 22 lines for part one.

Second part: what is the article say (Big jump in youth living on streets)

1st part (11 lines)

  • What is the article say

2nd part (11 lines)

  • Concentrate one paragraph or one statement (on the second page of the article). What is the most assignment thing of the statement, why you choose this statement and why you agree with it or why you don’t agree with it?

Third part: 1-page grant writing proposal summary. In other words, write one page paper about how to write a grant writing proposal (22 lines)

Mission Statement 3-4 sentences (less than 5)

  • Describe what summary is

Organization-information:(talks the agency you work with)

  • History 1-2 sentences
  • What does it do 3-4 sentences

Problem/Need/ Situation description

  • Make the problem clear, simple

Work plan/ specific activities

  • Reasonable
  • Trustable
  • Achievement
  • Realistic
  • Find something you gonna do that will actually change something

Outcome/ impact of activities

Other funding

  • What other money do you have
  • You can go over 20% of the budget. Get Literature help today


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