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TASK ONE (2000 words) Critically analyse the impact of government policies on the macro economy. Describe how THREE of the New Zealand Government’s current policies have an impact on the economy in general. A current policy is one which has been in news or announced in the last three months (Please provide a reference to demonstrate currency). HINT: The Governments Budget is to be delivered at the end of May. You will have to:Homework For You

a. Refer to macroeconomic theories and relate them to examples of government policies

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Government Policies Assignment | Homework For You
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b. Research THREE current Government policies and analyse possible impacts across the economy TASK TWO (2500 words) “The Port of Tauranga adds value to the New Zealand economy”.

Discuss this statement. You will have to a. research and describe the value that the Port adds to New Zealand’s GDP b. refer to theoretical concepts which explain the impact of this sector on New Zealand’s economy c. refer to economic indicators to analyse the implications for the macro economy d. Explain how the Port might be affected by changes in the international economy Notes:

a) You will be expected to undertake research independent of study in the classroom.

b) You will be assessed on your ability to understand the relevant economic concepts and indicators used to measure the health of the economy in your discussion.

c) You should include relevant graphs and diagrammes to explain the concepts

d) To prepare the report, students are expected to undertake research about the Managerial Economics from various sources such as journals, magazines, newspapers, books and electronic databases.

Students will be rewarded appropriately for their research efforts, originality and depth of discussion. -End of Assessment 1 Content Marks ? Three policies are named. ? All policies must be current (i.e. in the news or announced in the last three months ? Reference for each policy might include a media article (e.g. newspaper or news website) or a copy of the relevant Minister’s announcement ? Each policy is analysed for macro-economic effects (42 marks) 6 6 30 ?

Value of the industry to New Zealand (must be information from within the last two financial years.) ? Referenced from a credible source. ? Theoretical concepts which explain the impact of the sector ? Impacts on a business (33 Marks) 2 1 15 15 ? Reports have introduction and conclusion ? Layout of the report assists comprehension ? Standard of written English is at an acceptable level. ? References are from credible sources ? APA referencing is accurate (10 marks) Overall Comments: Total Marks. Get Economics homework help today


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