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Enron company reports net income of $5,450,000 for 2014 and is subject to a 35% income tax rate. On 1/1/2014, Enron had 6,000,000 common shares outstanding, but then decided to issue 400,000 shares for cash on 4/1/2014 and completed a 10% stock dividend on 9/1/2014.

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Enron Company Reports Assignment | Top Universities
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Enron had 700,000 employee stock options outstanding during the year, for which the exercise price was $24 dollars a share. The average market price of Enron’s common stock was $34 dollars a share in 2014. Also, Enron has 250,000 shares of $10 par, at 7% non-cumulative preferred shares outstanding in 2014. Each preferred share is convertible into 2 common shares of Enron’s stock. No pref dividends have or will be declared/ paid since 2011. Please find the 2014 basic and diluted EPS. Round to the nearest share and penny. Get Accounting homework help today


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