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In class we constructed a definition of emerging adulthood and analyzed the currently accepted definition. We seemed to be in relative agreement regarding this conceptualization.professional writing services near me

However, for most of us this was the first time we considered the concept of emerging adulthood. QUESTION: Do you agree with the idea of emerging adulthood? What parts of the theory resonate most with you? Given your current experience as an emerging adult (or past experience if you have graduated to adulthood), would you change/add any criteria? Overall, do you find this a useful concept for you?

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Emerging Adulthood Assignment | Homework Help Websites
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Definition of Emerging Adulthood: time period coined by Arnett from ranges from age 18 to 29 (upper age boundary is flexible) during which time individuals explore multiple aspects of their identity and ultimately make long term commitments to
their future.


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