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1. What are the functions that the liver, gallbladder and pancreas play in digestion? Explain.

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2. Chapter 5 discusses many pathological conditions related to the digestive system and divides them based on their location (oral cavity, upper GI tract, Lower GI tract ect..). Pick 4 pathological conditions, one from each group, define them and explain the signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for each one.

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Digestive System Assignment | College Homework Help
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3. You have learned so far the suffixes -tomy, -ectomy and -stomy. Explain the differences in the meanings of each suffix and illustrate using examples of medical terms that are realted to the digestive system.

4. This week, you are expected to go over the digestive system case study under the week’s module. In the case study, the patient (Mrs. Kreider) has undergone false diagnosis multiple times (indigestion, diverticulosis, jaundice, colonic polyps, etc…).College Homework Help

a. Describe each misdiagnosed condition, the reason behind each misdiagnosis and the lab tests and procedures that were used.

b. What was the actual diagnosis? What is the medical term for this condition? What was done to reach this diagnosis? Get Nursing homework help today


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