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Read the article listed in the assignment section entitled, Young Kids, Old Bodies. After viewing each question go back into the article and isolate the questions and reread the article looking for answers to the specific questions. Do not use outside sources to answer the questions.

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Critical Thinking Assignment | Buy Homework Help
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Write a 65-word minimum essay for each question. There are 3 questions so the total assignment should be a minimum of 250 words. A minimum word response (65 words) on each question is usually correlated with no better grade than a “C.” Use standard written English in your response to each question.

Place your answer in the separate dialog box provided in the Assignments section under the Critical Thinking Essay.

Each question is worth 12 points and the grammar/syntax section is worth four points. Maximum points = 40.

Grading Rubric:

The following scale will be used for each answer.

Question 1. Identify three physiological results that correlate with the premature aging process associated with obese children’s bodies. Get Social Science help today


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