Athletes And Eating Disorders Assignment | Top Essay Writing

Many athletes are involved in a sport where body weight or overall physique is important….gymnastics, running, wrestling, and others.

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Athletes And Eating Disorders Assignment | Top Essay Writing
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When working with these types of athletes, uncovering an athlete’s obsession with body image and ultimately an Eating Disorder is very possible.  These problems are not just potential problems of athletes at the bottom of a roster.  A top performer could very well suffer from body image issues and/or an Eating Disorder.

Watch the short video located in the link below

A question to answer:

What are your overall comments about the statement above, the video, or both?

200-300 words

Note: this Discussion Question does not require references. However, if you do choose to include references, ensure APA style and formatting is used for citations and references. Get Psychology homework help today


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