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This week’s Style Guide will focus on three art movements studied in Week 6, with at least 1 of the three from the Postmodern period. Choose works of art produced during the historical periods we are studying this week. Arrange them chronologically in your presentation along with your written work. Include the following identifying information (if available):

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Art Movements Assignment | Top Universities
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TitleArtistDate piece was createdArt movement and/or styleMediaIn your own words, write a description and analysis of each work using visual language, with terms from the elements of art and principles of design table listed below (at least 3 of the most relevant art terms per each work of art). Work to explain the trademark attributes of each style and artist. Include discussion of context in each analysis, such as how the subject and style of the artwork expresses historical, cultural, and/or biographical information. Conclude how each artwork is similar and different in terms of style and philosophy.Elements of ArtLineColorValueTextureShapeFormSpacePrinciples of DesignBalanceEmphasisContrastMovementRhythmUnityIn this assignment you have to chose 3 art movements ( Modernism to Post-Modernism) but one of them has to be (Post Modernism) Get English homework help today



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