Annual Report Analysis

1. In the selection of the company to analyze make a list of 3 or 4 companies that you enjoy doing business with, admire as contributors to your community, you work for or would like to work for. Knowing something about the business will make the project easier and the outcome much more meaningful.

2. Not only locate the company’s most recent Annual Report but consider a visit to EDGAR (listed in the Webliography). In EDGAR find the company’s 10k Report for the same period as the Annual Report. I think you will find using the 10k easier. EDGAR

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Annual Report Analysis
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3. Find a reviewer…someone who will look it over for you and provide ideas for improvement. This is the type of report Accountants are asked to prepare so take it to the next level. Some day it could be what propels you to the next promotion.

4. Turnitin is a part of your gradebook/dropbox and will be used to assess your project. It not only checks for plagiarism but for grammar and other structure issues. See my announcements about Academic Integrity and Turnitin plus review the University’s Policy in the Policies tab in Course Home.



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