An Overview of How to Write a Reflective Essay

Writing a reflective essay for a college student is entirely different from writing a thoughtful piece for a magazine or a blog. The difference is in the structure. However, it is uncomplicated to understand how to write a reflective essay.  This article has made it easy to comprehend the general essay outline, what a thoughtful article is, and other vital aspects. Click here to order a reflective essay


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An Overview of How to Write a Reflective Essay
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What is a Reflective Essay?

Most of the questions I have encountered are; what is a reflective essay? How does one write such a piece? Well, it is a paper where a writer examines and explores his or her experiences in life. Whether good or bad, a writer describes how he or she has changed, grown or developed after encountering those experiences.

how to write a reflective essay

Why are Reflective Essays Important?

Most people argue that reflective essays are not that important since they resemble stories. Nonetheless, thoughtful pieces are essential because they help express the views of a writer. It gives a writer a platform to discuss specific issues and present their takes and beliefs within that particular aspect. The second significance is that they help validate a writer’s points. Although it is not an argumentative article per say, it helps prove that your points are as a result of actual events.


The other importance of such essays is that they help give personal insight. When outlining the transitions you made due to particular circumstances; readers get to know your character. It could prove beneficial especially when your employees come into contact with your article. It could, for example, show them that you can quickly adapt to change, or are easy to work under pressure.


Reflective Essay Outline

Writing a thoughtful essay sounds like fun until you go to the actual writing and freeze. For many, they are not aware of the required outline. It, therefore, causes them to end up writing a weak essay, despite having great experiences to share. To write concisely and clearly, always ensure that you have a reflective essay outline. It helps avoid disorganizing your points and writing about anything and everything in a chaotic manner.


Structure of a Reflective Essay Outline

A significant reflective essay has a captivating introduction, a well-structured body, and a definite conclusion. An opening is the part of the article where the writer shares the experiences directly or indirectly. Many famous writers will tend to be a little bit indirect about their central theme, or about what aspect of their lives they will touch on. However, it is essential for academic writers and students always to be direct about what they intend on discussing. The writer should highlight the overall focus of the reflection in the main paragraphs.


The body of this piece must include what the writer has learned from the stated experiences. It should also contain in details, what triggers have caused the writer to change. All these information should align with the central theme. A substantial piece will not only reveal the changes but also give examples as supporting details. An excellent body has three or four main paragraphs. It must have a chronological order to avoid jumbling up ideas. Here is an example of a magnificent structure.


The Sections

In section one; describe the event and your general perception of it. In part two; give a draft of what was right and wrong about the incident. In the third paragraph, scrutinize the fact, using the compare and contrast method. The fourth paragraph should then indicate the impact the episode had on your life. It could be positive, or negative. Also, one could look ahead, or look backward. If looking forward, show how these experiences can affect or change you in the future. When you look back, give an overview of the past experiences, and how they have contributed to your transition.

how to write a reflective essay

A definite conclusion is one that is mind-blowing. Not in the wrong way, often in the right manner. This piece of the article brings about all the main points in a brief paragraph. It nicely summarises the whole essay in a short section. A student should always indicate the critical highlights of one’s reflection.


Determining What to Write About in a Reflective Essay

Learning how to write a reflective essay is effortless. However, what to write about is the most nerve wrecking phase. We all have multiple experiences in our lives. It is common to be tempted to write only about the fantastic and positive events. However, this bias may prove futile and lead to low grades. For this, it is essential to take your time and think about what incident to write about in your paper.


The first thing one needs to understand is there is much more to a reflective piece than just recounting a story. You need to expand and show how these incidences have helped shape or change your behaviors. For a start, begin by thinking about crucial events that have occurred in your life. Consequently, analyze how these incidences have impacted you positively, negatively, or both. If you are writing a reflective essay issued by an instructor or professor, chances are he or she may want you to focus on a specific episode. As you scrutinize these scenarios, it is essential to keep in mind the aftermath of such experiences. Miss this crucial element, and you will merely be storytelling.


How to Make your Reflective Essay Stand Outhow to write a reflective essay

If this was a class assignment, chances are most of you have pleasant experiences to share. However, there are several factors you need to consider if you want to stand out from the crowd. The first thing is to follow the reflective essay outline. This article has explained in details, how to write a reflective essay. Ensure you read the overview thoroughly and implement it. Another component to consider is to include the impact of your related experiences. People want to know why this scenario is significant to you. For that reason, ensure that whether good or bad, you indicate the effects of the experience you are describing.


Reflective Essay Topics

By now, I bet you have understood how to write a reflective essay. The problem comes when your instructor asks you to choose a topic. Although smooth, the stand of having multiple choices tends to confuse someone. Categorize your themes into broad subjects such as relationships, significant events, or nature and outdoors. After identifying these areas of interest, develop a list of scenarios that you came across under each aspect.


For example, under relationships, you might remember experiences of when your parents punished you unfairly, a conversation that made you upset, a time you comforted or were comforted by another person, or a time you were embarrassed. The fact that relationships develop strong emotions among readers and writers, it is often the most comfortable topic to write about and describe. However, pick a theme whose flow comes about naturally. Avoid picking complex issues to impress the instructor. It could end up chaotic and blow up in your face.


Reflective Essay about a Beach

Everyone has their escape place, especially when facing a lot of pressures and difficulties in their lives. The most relaxing place people tend to visit is the beach. There a lot of experiences an individual faces while on a beach. For that reason, it has become prevalent for writers and students to write a reflective essay about a beach. The one aspect you need to be very familiar with as you go about is how to write a reflective essay.


It forms the base of whether you know the article structure, or not. Now, when writing such a piece, it is important to scrutinise your entire encounters on the beach. Make sure that the one event you pick on shows the impacts it has on your life. For example, you may use instances when you were almost drowning, when you saved a lost kid on the beach, or when you helped a drowning child. All these scenarios must have relevant examples and effects.


Reflective Essay on Growth as a Writer

By following the given article draft, it becomes uncomplicated to write a reflective essay on growth as a writer. There are several experiences a writer can focus on in their paper. For example, you could include events when you almost gave up due to the constant failure of pieces, or scenarios when you wrote terrific articles and got recognition. Search for an instance that shows why this scenario is significant in your day to day lives. Remember to keep it brief and authentic.


Reflective Essay about a Research Processhow to write a reflective essay

The ease of how to write a reflective essay depends on the amount of research conducted. A research process may be the most challenging circumstance that one could ever encounter. It is therefore typical for instructors to issue students an assignment regarding a reflective essay about a research process. It is similar to other contemplative pieces. The discrepancy is in the research process events. You could, for example, describe a challenging instance interviewing the target study; difficulties experienced when using a research instrument such as a questionnaire, or the obstacles you faced when collecting the data.  The critical point to note is that you will give an effect on your experience. Whether positive or negative, write down the impact and why it is crucial in your life.


Although not highly tested like argumentative essays, these pieces prove to be very critical in providing insight. Learn how to write a reflective essay using this simple guide. It is quite straightforward and precise. Click here to place your order.


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