Biblical Character, Founder of the Kingdom of Judah

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STUDY GUIDE: MODULE 5 Harbin: Chapter 14 How did Rehoboam manage to lose most of his kingdom? He refused to cut taxes and threaten to raise them. Why is Asa viewed as a good king but given a mixed review? His lack of faith in God to assist with attack on Baasha in Northern Kingdom. How did Jehoshaphat show piety on the one hand but political naivete on the other? He went thru the country removing pagan shrines and sent teachers in the land teaching the law. he was judged for helping the wicked. What is most memorable about Athaliah?
She proceeded to kill off rest of males in the royal family so that she could rule. How did Joash bring hope to the Southern Kingdom? What did he do that caused him to be assassinated? by repairing the temple restoring the worship and sacrificial system. He ordered , God’s prophet Zechariah to be stoned to death on the temple grounds. His heart was turned away from God. In what way did Uzziah demonstrate spiritual foolishness? What were the consequences? He went into the temple to burn incense, something only the priest could do.
Cause he didn’t listen, God struck him with leprosy. What is most memorable about Ahaz? Ahaz turned away from YHWH, he served the pagan gods, including Baal, even performed child sacrifices. He promoted the spiritual revival. Compare and contrast Hezekiah with his father, Ahaz, and with David. he was viewed as one of the worst kings in the Southern Kingdom. Hezekiah trusted in the Lord, God of Isreal. What was the role of Isaiah in the Southern Kingdom? Prophet and historian What key prophecies did the prophets of this period give regarding the Messiah? st anticipation of the birth of the Messiah 2ndthe servant songs the Messiah’s bearing the sins of His people 3rd which Jesus would later read in the synagogue in Nazareth. What is most memorable about Manasseh? He had the hollow tree where Isaiah hid sawn down with Isaiah inside. His acts of apostasy In what ways was Josiah the last hope for the Southern Kingdom? Josiah’s returning the ark of the covenant to the temple Trace the decline and fall of the Southern Kingdom. the death of Josiah Describe the different ways by which Jeremiah tried to convey his message to the people. burying a linen sash near the Euphrates River to signify the Exile; | |watching a potter remake a flawed item, illustrating how God would remark the nation; breaking a large pot before the leadership, | |demonstrating how God would destroy the Southern Kingdom; | |redeeming a piece of land, showing confidence that God would perserve the people even thru exile; | |remaining single because of the anticipated hard times; and wearing a yoke to symbolize upcomming bondage. | Why was Lamentations written? Focus on city of Jerusalem and its destruction. Chapter 15 What are some reasons that the Exile was not as severe as it might have been? Some of the people listened to the prophets People followed God’s instruction the design of the exile was partial punishment Summarize both the incidents and the visions recorded in the book of Daniel. 1. The account of Daniel and his friends declining to eat Babylonian food 2. Daniel request for stay of execution to interpret the kings dream. 3. The firery furnance 4. Daniel in the lions den

Vision of 4 beasts that paralled the 4 metals of the statue & what happened to Daniels people in the future. Daniel was given information about the Messiah. What is apocalyptic literature, and how is it different from prophetic literature? serves to show God’s sovereignty over the future. Rich in the use of symbols. focused on what God is going to do. serve to show God’s soverign control over history. is oriented toward the audience receiving the message. What makes the book of Ezekiel distinctive? It was written in Babylon, it was accepted by Isrealites who devoutly believed in God. What is the significance of Esther? she outwitted Haman and saved her people.
Before reading chs. 16–17 in Harbin, read Hindson, ch. 12 and take detailed notes. Harbin: Chapter 16 What was the function of Haggai? Prophet to get the temple rebuilt How was Zechariah’s ministry different from that of Haggai, his contemporary? He focused more on future issues. message was more apocalyptic What was Ezra’s role in the return? The proposal of foreign wives be divorced and returned to their home land. How did Nehemiah help the struggling community in Jerusalem? they were able to build the walls in fifty-two days What is the significance of Malachi? bring the word of god to people of Israel Chapter 17 Why did the OT canon end with Malachi?
The Jewish community came to the conclusion that God had nothing more to say to them. What is the Apocrypha, and how was it viewed by the Jews at the time of Jesus? hidden/ secret. The collection of books that is found between the OT and NT in some Bibles, scripture What is the Mishnah? How is it different from the Talmud? Why are they important? also Mish·na (mish’n? ) n. Judaism The first section of the Talmud, being a collection of early oral interpretations of the scriptures as compiled about A. D. 200. the mishnah is a part of the juwish costom and belief. Repitition. teaching/ learning Gemarah-meaning completion, the learning of oral teaching. hey were interpretive translation of the Hebrew text designed to make the text more understandable to Jews who did not read Hebrew. What are Pseudepigrapha? Pseudepigrapha [Gr. ,=things falsely ascribed], a collection of early Jewish and some Jewish-Christian writings composed between c. 200 BC and c. AD 200, not found in the Bible or rabbinic writings. How did the Sadducees develop? traditionalist were those who followed their roots. -from a Hellenization movement sometime after the Maccabean revolt How did the Pharisees develop? Spending on time, a political party, a social movement, and a school of thought among Jews that flourished during the Second Temple. Who were the Essenes, and why are they important? embers of an Jewish sect of the 1st century BC and the 1st century AD. They lived on the western shore of the Dead Sea and wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls. At that time, there were 4 schools of Judaism: Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, and Zealots Referred to as sons of Zadok. meaning holiness Who were the scribes, and what role did they play in Judean society? professional title. a generic term that could include both Pharisees and Sadducees. Their role was to copy the Law, to read it, and then to interpret it to the people. Trace the rise and demise of Alexander the Great. What happened to Alexander’s empire after his death? It was divided amoung his 4 generals
Who were the Ptolemies and the Seleucids, and why are they important? The Ptolemies were very successful and managed to capture a large part of the Seleucid Empire, including all of Syria, before local problems called Ptolemy III. peace was established during the marriage of Philadelphus daughter to AntichusII of Syria Who were the Maccabees, and what did they do for Judea? The Maccabees were a family that fought a successful rebellion against the Syrian invaders who attempted to force all Jews into becoming Hellenized. were a Jewish rebel army who took control of Judea, How did Herod, an Edomite, become king of Judea? He was the son of Antipater, n Edomite, who married the daughter of a politically influential family. Herod divorced his wife Doris and married Mariame, a Jewish daughter of the influential priestly Hasmonean family. How did Rome make Judea part of the Roman Empire? because of its troubles, in 6CE it ceased being a client kingdom and became a Roman province. The “book of the Law” was rediscovered during the reign of: JOSIAH The book of Habakkuk predicts the Babylonian conquest. TRUE According to Hindson Nebuchadnezzar was your typical autocratic egomaniac that was corrupted by power that he eventually lost his mind. TRUE Asa is seems as basically spiritually weak and an evil king of Judah.
False Jeremiah advised the king to fight the Babylonians to the last man False What is most memorable about Manessah according to Harbin? He is considered to be the worst king of the southern kingdom. A key theme of the book of Isiah is … NOT Restoration Joash was assassinated in response to his having Zechariah stoned to death. TRUE Around 538 or 539 BC Persian King Cyruis issued a decree allowing all captive peoples to return to their native lands. TRUE According to the text ‘The exile” could not have been any more severve than what it was: False During the reign of Hezekiah the angel of YHWH killed how many Assryian soldiers outside the walls of Jerusalem? 185,000 Often Jeremiah tried to convey his message to the people by via acts of role-playing.
TRUE Per Harbin, Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the temple in Jerusalem in 586 BC TRUE Why was Lamentations written? To express the sorrow at the fall and destruction of Jerusalem. The term “branch” as used by Isiah and Jeremiah emphasized that the Messiah would be from the line of David. True Rehoboam managed to lose most of his kingdom in part due to a tax revolt that he failed to properly settle. True. Joash brought hope to the Southern Kingdom by repairing the Temple. TRUE What kep prophecies did the prophets of this period give regarding the Messiah? All of the above. One of the most memorable things about Ahaz was his closing of the Temple and his worshipping the gods of Damascus. TRUE Isiah was commissioned as a prophet the year Uzziah died? TRUE

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