Create a unit plan integrating science and math content of fractions,  decimals, and/or percents.
Ensure you have listed each of the science (NSES)) and math (NCTM)  standards to include learning goals and objectives.
Create the unit plan including the following:

Clear-cut objectives that align to standards.
Relevant materials and resources.
Differentiation of    instruction to address the diverse needs of students. Identify the    differentiation strategies for the specific diverse groups. Problem    solving and inquiry strategies
The 12 science  processes.
Concrete manipulatives to help develop science and    fraction/decimal sense,
Informal and/or formal assessment    that aligns with objectives.
Authentic, formative and/or    summative assessments.
Allow for student reflection.

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Write a narrative of 1,000-1,250 words that addresses the assignment  criteria, gives specific examples from the unit plan, and states your rationale.
Include an appendix to the paper that is a copy of the unit plan.


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