Posted: June 18th, 2021

Being Congruent

Anchored on Carl Rogers’ theory on the person-centered approach of understanding behavior and applying such an understanding to the “healing” process, the concept of congruence is among the highlights of this renowned theorist’s perspective. It is understood as a concept which usually starts or initiated by the therapist or practitioner and modelled to the client whereby the former displays more of the real person that he/she is and reducing denial of the real struggles or feelings that tend to be kept inside (Smith, 1997; Rogers, 1951).

In the process, the client learns to unveil the real self rather than assume a facade which not only masks the real problems, make the therapeutic relationship increasingly difficult (Rogers, 1959). Rogers probably in his long years of exposure to different clients or patients, found commonality in his interactions that help facilitate better recovery and congruence as modelled by a therapist eventually gained its place in his approach. My list (Roman numeral #I) reflects specifically what I am like and readily present a sketch on my person. There are obvious similarities and the differences are there as well.

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Being Congruent
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I have many characteristics that I wish I have such as what I had just enumerated in the second set of list (II). The reason that there are differences especially the yearning on my part, for instance, to be “less temperamental” spring from the fact that because I am too tired from being dedicated and serious which are manifested in the works I do, I tend to be short-tempered or easily get irritated. In order for this to be attained, the legitimate need to be less serious or work-aholic and have more fun then, is easily understood or acceptable.
This actually portrays a healthy tug of being real and aspiring to be more real to others in more ways than I am at present. Sufficient to say, basing on the idealization of the self by Rogers, I appear to be a congruent person because I gain more insights of who I am. IV. Include an action point that provides details on how you will strive for more congruency between your actual and ideal self. Action Point: There are some “steps” that had been coined by Rogers to put the theory in “action, so to speak. To elaborate, the following are some of the most important things that I will be doing or implementing for a targeted schedule.
– Step 1: I will examine my values; what I cherish and make me thrills are among the things that are found under this step. – Step 2: Start to honour the values that I know are my treasures. – Step 3: I would probably pay attention to my body – such as my physical reaction to the things I don’t want to do but was just forced to do because of what people might think – increases incongruence. Every time I do this, I begin to enhance and increase my ability to say no, or being real especially. Sensing the inner peace and – Step 4.
As much as possible, I will start to remove or minimize encounters or activities leading to incongruence. The more I listen to the inner prodding that the most important things are given priority, and this vantage point becomes a pathway within the person to experience more confidence in expressing the real issues inside of him. The more I check whether what my actions are, no matter how seemingly trivial they may be, the more I’d realize whether the discrepancies do exist and there are perhaps few improvements to narrow the dividing line.
This results to being a contented person, able to fully accept inner failings and realizing that people eventually tend to follow suit. Reference: Rogers, Carl . R. 1951. Client-Centered Counseling, Boston: Houghton-Mifflin. Rogers, Carl . R. 1959. A theory of therapy, personality and interpersonal relationships, as developed in the client-centered framework. In S. Koch (ed. ). Psychology: A study of science. (pp. 184-256). N. Y. : McGraw Hill. Smith, M. K. (1997, 2004) ‘Carl Rogers and informal education’, the Encyclopaedia of informal education. [www. infed. org/thinkers/et-rogers. htm

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